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Grow on Them Like Fungus: Perseverance Gives Rise to Leadership! A SUE Talk!

Windus Fernandez Brinkkord shares her journey and experience on how perseverance gave rise to leadership!

10 Professional Strategies from Impactful Leaders!

JJ DiGeronimo shares how successful women strategize about how to advance their careers and take specific actions in navigating their professional path.

Dear World… A SUE Talk!

Erika de la Cruz will share her thoughts on her recent experience with SUE Talks. Erika’s goal is to empower young women to write the letter of their lives with purpose and intention.

iDentity! A SUE Talk!

JC Keville will have a lively conversation about her recent experience with SUE Talks.

Finding the Freedom to Serve and Profit In a Regulated Business World!

Lenka Holman shares how Independence in business, as in life, comes down to freedom of choice. It means that you have the flexibility to run your business the way you feel is best for you. From the products you choose to the level of service you deliver. Having a passion for what you do often ties back to having input in your business.

I Could Have Worked at In-N-Out Burger Instead OF…..! A SUE Talk!

Quyen Tu continues with us on our adventure into the behind the scenes look at SUE Talks. Hear what motivates and what inspires a woman to lead in business!

Work On Purpose: How to Connect Who You Are With What You Do! A SUE Talk!

Sheri Nasim gave a powerful SUE Talk where she shares her leadership goals in how to make a living, contribute, find your passion and connect the who you are with what you do!

Screw Balance… It’s Overrated. Let’s BLEND!

Paula Oblen is the CEO & Founder of Hotelements. As a seasoned entrepreneur, a home and lifestyle design expert, Paula has been recognized for her unique talent and signature approach of creating hospitality inspired interiors.

Understanding Football for Females!

Cyndi Darlington shares her passion for football with women so that they can celebrate and understand the game!

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