• Women Lead Radio

Women’s Equality Day!

Ashley Gardner of the Women’s Museum of California joins us today to share the history and meaning of Women’s Equality Day.

Go Forward in Business with a Positive Attitude!

Marty Kurner shares her success in business story! Marty believes that going forward with a positive attitude is what keeps your customers coming back and builds those referrals.

Human Resources and Medical Marijuana!

Samuel Yador discusses the issues of medical marijuana in the workplace!

Resilience! Solutions for Sustainable Success in Business!

Sandy Asch will discuss the business strategy of resilience. Sandy is the best-selling author of ROAR: How to Build a Resilient Organization the World-Famous San Diego Zoo Way!

New Markets, New Trends: How to Make it Work!

Vicki Garcia has always been able to see the upcoming trends and surround herself with the people to help her make it happen.

The Positive Coach Approach!

Judy McKee’s approach to training, speaking and life is always positive!

Business Certifications – How They Get Your Company Noticed!

Lisa Carman has built a successful and thriving business, and covered the extra miles to obtain numerous business certifications.

Why you Need TRUST to Grow Your Business and Your Team!

We’re going to talk with Michelle Richardson about why TRUST is the big essential when it comes to growing your business and your team, and why the lack of it STOPS you in your tracks!

SheLead: ID & Development of 10-18 year old Female Leaders!

Alan E. Nelson discusses the importance of identifying and developing female leaders between the ages of 10 and 18!