• Women Lead Radio

The Journey to Becoming an Accredited Speaker!

Eldonna Lewis Fernandez secured the highest designation for a Toastmaster, Accredited Speaker and that’s what we are going to discuss in this interview!

Go Forward in Business with a Positive Attitude!

Marty Kurner shares her success in business story! Marty believes that going forward with a positive attitude is what keeps your customers coming back and builds those referrals.

Hail Yes! Meet See Jane Go, Uber for Women!

Have you heard of See Jane Go? Kimberly Toonen has developed an app geared towards women who like or need to use a ride share company.

Getting SOCIAL: the pros, the cons and the TRUTH!

Jessica Joy Reveles and Shawn Marie Turi will be talking about the pros, the cons and the TRUTH about Social Media and doing a deep dive on what matters most!

Linking Resources With Opportunity!

Lea Wolf-Soffer shares her business journey story! She shares how her love of technology lead her to develop an app to connect job seekers and employers.

Relax, We’re All Just Making This Stuff Up!

Amy Lisewski and Bethany Kelly chat about improvisation and how it can make you happier!

Video Marketing is Here to Stay!

Melissa Ladaire and Michelle Bergquist will have a lively dialogue on why video marketing is here to stay!

How Solid Systems Support Success!

Windus Fernandez Brinkkord will share with us her techniques and philosophy on how to implement and maximize business based strategies that will give new life to your business today!

I AM __: The Untold Story of Success!

Klyn Elsbury shares her empowering and inspirational story!