• Women Lead Radio

Creative Campaigns for Business, Honors and Awards!

We are proud to announce Donna Watson as the emcee for the 2017 Orange County Women of Influence Awards! Donna and Michelle Bergquist chat about creativity, business and awards!

The REAL Life of an Author, Speaker, and Executive Coach!

Sharon Jordan-Evans and Joanie Connell have an informative conversation on millennials in the work place and what is the secret to keeping them!

SPOT Strategies!

Heather Conklin and Debra Simpson have an informative chat on civic engagement and grassroots campaigns!

Turning Points in History and Women’s Empowerment!

Hadley Wood and Michelle Bergquist have an interesting, fun and exciting chat on Women’s History!

Advocate For Women In Business!

Sara Clark-Williams is on a mission to help women business owners be more focused, fulfilled and financially successful. Sara and Michelle chat on the Women’s Advocate of the Year Award for the 2017 Women of Influence Awards,

Thriving in Business Through Communications, Honors and Awards!

We are proud to announce Maria Keckler as the emcee for the 2017 San Diego Women of Influence Awards! Maria and Michelle Bergquist chat business, communications, honors and awards!

Don’t Stay Stuck!: Eliminate Excuses, Gain the Confidence to Achieve Your Dreams!

Lori Chavez-Wysocki and Bethany Kelly discuss her book “Don’t Stay Stuck!: Eliminate Your Excuses and Gain the Confidence to Achieve Your Dreams.”

Supporting and Honoring Women Warriors For Life!

Jodie Grenier shares the mission of the Foundation for Women Warriors. The Foundation for Women Warriors provides support for women veterans to utilize their strength, resilience and achievements as they transition to civilian life.

Working in the Public Sector-From Pitfalls to Powerhouse Wins!

Kat Rippy will share with us her techniques and philosophy on how to implement and maximize business based strategies that will give new life to your business today!