• Women Lead Radio

Secrets of Franchise Success!

Have you ever thought about owning a business and think opening a franchise might be your road to entrepreneurship? Listen in as Melissa Hart Woods shares a few secrets to franchise success with Bethany Kelly!

The Business Growth Bootcamp!

Kim Folsom tells us about her business growth bootcamp, where you can learn specific strategies and find tools for your business growth.

Keep Them Loyal – Customer Retention Ideas!

Lucy Kelleher and Michelle Bergquist have a lively conversation on how to keep your customers loyal!

Boosting Your Business with Integrity and Authenticity!

Sashi Whitman and Lenka Holman have an enlightening discussion on “Boosting Your Business with Integrity and Authenticity: Breakthroughs to Beat the Competition and Still Hold Your Head Up High”!

Diversity: Listen, Learn and Open Your Mind!

Simma Lieberman and Cecile Bereal discuss diversity and inclusion, gender communications, and workplace culture.

Gender Issues in Negotiation!

Frank Jeffries and Michelle have a candid discussion on gender issues.

Bridging the World of Spirituality and Wellness!

Dr. Dolores Fazzino and Debra Simpson chat on how to speak with influence on the subject of spirituality and wellness!

Create It and Stick With It!

Monetta Plassmeyer chats with Michelle Bergquist about her entrepreneurial journey. Monetta created a product based on her personal need.

Make Generosity Part of your Growth Strategy!

Michele Landes and Shawn Marie Turi chat about knowledge, passion, and talent.