• Women Lead Radio

Bust Out of That “same ol’ vanilla box…Be Your Own Trailblazer!

Marsha Friend-Berkson and Michelle Bergquist have a empowering conversation on how to “bust out of that “same ol’ vanilla box…Be Your Own Trailblazer!”

Be A Smart Client – How To Talk So Your Lawyer Will Listen!

Ellen Hughes shares advice with Debra Simpson on how to communicate with a lawyer, based on her book, “Be A Smart Client – Guide To A Successful Relationship With Your Attorney.”

What is the future of Feminism? A personal perspective brought back from the UN!

Sylvia Becker-Hill and Michelle Bergquist talk about “CWI member fighting for Women’s Rights and Gender equality at the UN”!

Heart of Fire! A chat with the Author, Lesia Cartelli

Lesia Cartelli chats with Bethany Kelly about her book “Heart of Fire”! Lesia shares her story and how she translated a traumatic experience into healing, success and leadership for adolescent girls with burn/trauma injuries to successfully handle life’s challenges!

How to Repurpose Resources to Rev-Up Revenues!

Joanie Connell and Deanna Potter discuss learning how to increase your profits and lower your R&D!

How an Introvert Becomes a Leader!

Nancy Ingram and Shawn Marie Turi will be talking about how an introvert becomes a leader and increases her tolerance for discomfort.

How to “Fight Back” Against Bullies at Work!

Catherine Mattice is a co-author of the book “Back Off! Your Kick-Ass Guide to Ending Bullying at Work.” Catherine has a civil discussion with Joanie Connell on workplace bullying!

Elaine Swann, Are You Kicking And Screaming For PR?

Elaine Swann, known for her pr prowess, just finished appearing on the reality tv show, Kicking and Screaming. In this interview you’ll hear Elaine share tips on PR (public relations), how you can look for and take advantage of it.

Project Scientist Has Liftoff!

Sandy Marshall and Michelle Bergquist talk about the vision of Project Scientist. STEM as you know, is the focus of education on Science, Technology, and Engineering & Math. Sandy will share why need to change the view of “who” a scientist is and “what” a scientist does.