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Women Lead and the Prestige in Being a Published Author!

Bethany Kelly and Michelle Bergquist will have an illuminating dialogue on publishing. Connected Women of Influence has launched into publishing!

Women’s Initiative and Leadership Council at Fisher & Phillips!

Jackie Greenbaum explains how The Fisher & Phillips Women’s Initiative and Leadership Council Strives to Advance Women Within the Firm and in the Legal Community.

The Launch of SUE Talks and the Women Lead Conference!

Deanna and Michelle will have a powerhouse discussion on the Launch of SUE Talks, Why SUE and Who is SUE?! They will also provide some insights on how the Women Lead Conference will help you make some great connections!

Crushing Conflicts to Boost Your Bottom Line!

Dr. Debra Dupree discusses how relationships are at the core of everything we do. When conflict arises in the workplace it can have a toll, not only on our emotional capacity, but also on the bottom line results of the business.

Why Men Leaders Should Positively Influence and Mentor Women Leaders!

Michael Giorgione adheres to the essence of Impact Leadership. Michael has often mentored women leaders and brings to the table a positive discussion on how does a woman leader succeed in a male-dominated world?

Disruptive Innovation for High Tech Fashion Products!

Christine Burke is a master marketer. Christine has helped create and bring to major market retailers over 150 fashion tech products

The Power of Being Decisive: Your Passion is a Decision Away!

Amy Wang and Jacquie Chang share some sweet tips building your business from your passion!

Purpose & Vision: A Recipe for PR & Channel Management Success!

Kailynn Bowling and Nikki Carlson will have a stylish conversation sharing their combined knowledge on getting your product noticed by major public relations firms.

What? You’re Not Meditating?

Teri Wilder chats about how companies have recognized the importance of employee health and how they have also become aware of the use of meditation in the corporate environment to boost productivity, increase wellness, and reduce stress!

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