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3 Big Reasons Why Every Writer Needs an Editor

Ever wonder why even successful writers have an editor in their back pocket? Listen as Eve Gumpel gives you tips on working with an editor.

Grow a Thriving Virtual Workforce

What does it take to grow and manage a virtual workforce? It is really a good idea to use free software to do so?

Boldly Reinventing Yourself

What does it take to boldly reinvent yourself when life doesn’t go the way you planned? Learn how Michelle boldly reinvents herself–going from a corporate woman to a successful entrepreneur–and how her journey led her to form Connected Women of Influence.

Networking Like A Boss

Approach networking as a cultivation of reciprocal relationships instead of an exchange of business cards and you’re on your way to networking like a boss. Listen to the show for more valuable tips.

From Empty to Overflow

Does the Marine Corps’ motto of self-sacrifice create great leaders? Listen to how establishing a $5 million business taught Jenny DuFresne to look at leadership from a different–overflowing–perspective.

Hey Graphic Designers, Where Are the Women?

Michelle Bergquist speaks with Ann Willoughby, Founder of Willoughby Design on why graphic designers are concerned about the gender disparity in their industry.

Turning Tragedy into REAL Life: Empowering Survivors of Human Trafficking

Learn how AnnieCannons transforms survivors of human trafficking into empowered software professionals.

Make It Easy For Planners to Choose You As a Speaker!

You want more paid speaking gigs, but do you have the speaking assets necessary to convince a planner that you’re the perfect speaker for their event?

The Great Escape: Part II

What would you do if you had a life changing illness at 29? Amy Mewborn’s stroke led her to leave her stable corporate job to launch a successful fitness business.