• Women Lead Radio

The Path Forward Towards Economic Empowerment for Women in Developing Countries!

Sarah Sternberg and Michelle Bergquist discuss the challenges and success of leaving the safe confines of the corporate world in order to create a business that empowers women worldwide!

The Feminine Advantage: Women Can Sell More in Less Time!

Jill Konrath and Maria Keckler discuss how today’s woman can be a powerhouse in sales!

Essential Tools for Life and Leadership!

Laura Dewey shares her essential tools for life and leadership. Laura and Amazing Author and Brilliant Books host Bethany Kelly talk about Laura’s book “Shine Your Light…Illuminate Your Love – 12 Steps to Attracting The Relationships Of Your Dreams.”

The Miracle That Is Your Life, A chat with speaker and author Wendy Darling!

Join us for a delightful chat with #1 best-selling author of “The Miracle That Is Your Life”, Wendy Darling and Debra Simpson!

A Fractional Business Model….and How One Works!

Maresa Friedman and Michelle Bergquist discuss what is different about her fractional business model and how it is different about what she does with organizations?

REAL Strategies for Disruptive Innovation!

Marcia Daszko and Joanie Connell discuss “disruptive innovation”!

CEO Tsunami….Executive Presence Changing The World With Data!

Jaye Connolly-LaBelle and Michelle Bergquist discuss executive leadership in business, with a twist!

What is the future of Feminism? A personal perspective brought back from the UN!

Sylvia Becker-Hill and Michelle Bergquist talk about “CWI member fighting for Women’s Rights and Gender equality at the UN”!

Heart of Fire! A chat with the Author, Lesia Cartelli

Lesia Cartelli chats with Bethany Kelly about her book “Heart of Fire”! Lesia shares her story and how she translated a traumatic experience into healing, success and leadership for adolescent girls with burn/trauma injuries to successfully handle life’s challenges!