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How Do You Fill Up Your Swimming Pool?!

At first look, this seems like such a crazy question coming from an...

Are You World Famous?

People often are taken aback when I ask this question during a keynote...

The One Habit That Will Double Your Productivity

How often do you end the day having accomplished everything you set out to...

The Fear-Factor of Negotiation for Women in Business

There is a HUGE fear-factor to negotiation for women in business.  We...

Social Selling: The Secret Formula for Converting Prospects into Lifetime Raving Customers!

There are still many of us who believe sales are made through direct...

Why Position Yourself as an Expert?

There’s no shortage of (unsolicited) advice offered about how we can be...

Social Media: Are Your Conversations WORTH Having?

When it comes to Social Media… how does someone know if they’re having a conversation that’s “worth having” or not? With people being literally inundated with information on a minute by minute basis… can using Social Media really drive revenue and new business?

Think Outside the Box

Join us today on Women Leading the Way Radio as we interview Judith Balian President & Owner of Excoveries.

Today we will tap into Judith’s use of the expressive arts to help clients use their creativity to think outside the box to experience the world uniquely for them.

Powering Up & Powering Through The Competition In The World of Recruitment

Join us today for Women Leading the Way Radio as we interview Melissa Simonsen, Talent Acquisition Consultant and Founder of Simonsen Says.

Today we will discuss with Melissa the competition in the world of recruitment and what are top companies looking for in today’s hiring platform? When asked about the importance of business development in today’s corporations, do you know where it fits?

Do Small Businesses Really Need Coaches?

Today we will ask Karie Kaufmann is there a difference between a small business coach and a coach who works with medium to large companies? Why has she chosen to help small businesses? What are the typical needs of a small business? Are they very different from larger businesses?

What is Branding… and why is everyone talking about it?

We’ll ask Kelly Lucente, What is branding really? How can someone who is looking for a branding expert know what to look for? If someone is just starting off or if they are at a point in their business and they know they want to re-tool… what would you say are the first three things they need to do?

Women….We’re Not an Island!

Michelle is a passionate advocate for women in business by designing platforms, programs, connections and collaborative opportunities for professional women to lead the way in business today. In 2014, Michelle was recognized by the National Association of Women Business Owners as the Women’s Advocate of the Year.