• Women Lead Radio

12 Leadership Powers for Successful Women!

International award-winning speaker and author Sylvia Becker-Hill delivers brain-based, content-rich, impactful and entertaining presentations that engage audiences and cause a sustainable shift in their actions.

Know your why! Invest in Your Company’s Legacy!

DeLinda Forsythe has a strong “Why” and realizes that part of her “Why” will also be part of her legacy!

Bridge Builders: 5 Communicator Principles for Leadership!

Maria Keckler takes us on the path to learn about her Bridge Builder principles for intentional and authentic communication.

Successful + Soulful + Sanctuary: Is the space you work in…working for you?

Annie Cataldo will be talking about what you can do (right now) to bring in revenue and sales. She will discuss how to get ready for success, how your space is directly connected to how you feel and how much money you make.

Seeking Investors? No is a, Yes with Conditions!

Ilana Odess delves into the complicated yet necessary realm of raising funds for companies that have innovative products and solutions. Ilana knows what the essential components are to raise capital from investors.

Leadership Through Affinity!

Maribel Hines has guided and advised The Universal Music Women’s Network (UMWN). Maribel will share the story of success on this internal women’s affinity group within Universal Music Group.

Actions to Ensure that Strategy Meets Performance!

Sherry Nooravi provides expert advice on why your company culture, values and mission should be aligned with your organizational strategy.

Taking Flight: Rebellion, Reinvention and Liberation!

Felena Hanson’s newest book Flight Club is a call to rebel, reinvent, and thrive! The book shares the journey of women who “leaned out” of corporate to launch their dream business!

Empowering Women to OptBackIn!

Kerry Dolan is on a mission to empower women who, have for whatever reason been out of the workforce. Kerry has created a business that not only employs women but employs the expertise of women mentors and leaders.