• Women Lead Radio

Social Enterprise, Create Social Impact Not Just Profit!

Quyen Tu has a passion for helping entrepreneurs create a positive impact on society and the environment. Quyen is going to share some expert advice on what is required for a small business owner to engage their business in social enterprise.

Girls With Goals!

Ryan Plummer shares how she loves the process of connecting an audience to the digital media that they love!

ATTITUDE! Does Your Attitude Reflect Who You Really Are?

We’re all born with an attitude. It’s what we do with it that makes a difference!
Cecile Bereal discusses how workplace attitudes affect morale, productivity and team building.

The Lessons I’ve Learned From My Ego! A SUE Talk!

Deanna Potter shares her story of how she learned that our ego teaches life long lessons as long as you are willing to listen.

The Business of Speaking!

Sheryl Roush will share some tips on the “business of speaking.”

Gender Equity Pay Law: Fair Ways to Challenge Wage Gaps!

Denise Visconti will share her expertise on this new legislation and amendment to the California Labor Code. On January 1st, 2106 California employers are required to adhere to the Fair Pay Act SB 358. Employees learn what are your rights. Employers know what your responsibilities are.

Power of the Female Perspective: The Woman In The Room!

Dot Callahan shares her perspective on how to be the “woman in the room”, and not be controlled by the male hierarchy. She has some simple yet effective pieces of advice to discuss so that you can be the empowered woman in the room!

From Distress To Success: Strategies in Life, Business, and the World of Publishing!

Deanna Potter will be sharing her experience, techniques, and philosophy on how to become an author and produce a powerful book that will leverage your approach to success in business.

Build Your Business: Leave Your Legacy!

Maggie Pound will share her expertise in the negotiations of selling a business. She will discuss how a business broker values, advertises and negotiates a business sale.