I was looking for something upbeat and informative to write about for this week’s blog and I found it. I must have been living under a rock because I did not know until today that Fortune magazine publishes an annual list of the most powerful women in business. I have to admit to being thrilled that there are 50 women to list and that one of them is from San Diego.   

On the list are CEO’s (the c-suite!) from well-known companies such as IBM, Pepsi, Dupont, General Dynamics, and Lockheed Martin. We’re not talking regional or even small businesses where a large percentage of women thrive. Even more inspiring, here in San Diego we find the CEO of Sempra Energy, Debra Reed (number 34). Then the list goes on – Yahoo!, TJ Maxx, Xerox, the Co-President and CFO of Oracle. That is not even half-way through the list. I’m so inspired by these women being in charge of Fortune 500 (100 even) public companies.

If ever an article deserves a reprint, this is one. I envision papering the walls of my office with these for constant inspiration. This list is no pandering to women readers – this is a real list. Read it and weep.

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Post by Laura @ Writing in Ink


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