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The “Women Taking Charge” book series is a short-book series published by Women Lead Publishing.

Each book in the series is no longer than 100 pages and contains five to nine chapters. Your book can be completed in as little as 90 days.

The Women Taking Charge Book Series package includes:

1. Writing support
• An easy-to-follow book template that allows you to get your book written easily and quickly
• An initial, in person, one-on-one development session. In this session your theme will be finalized, your topics chosen, your chapters organized, and the working title developed. This will set you up so everything’s ready for you to start writing.
• Email and follow-up calls to get you through any roadblocks as you write

2. Professional edit
• The editor will be your partner to ensure that your content is professionally presented, accurate, and readable.
• You’ll receive a copy of the edited manuscript for review of what’s been suggested and if there are any issues flagged you’ll have an opportunity to clarify.

3. Cover and interior book design
• Handsome series book cover and standardized interior design

4. Final proofread


6. E-book

7. As the author, you will receive 20 copies of the print book

8. Your Amazon author profile setup

9. As the author, you get discounted pricing on book purchases

10. Marketing and promotional services
• Links and cover image to assist you in promoting your book
• Your book promoted within the CWI community and at CWI events
• Your book mentioned and promoted in Women Lead magazine
• Radio interview on Women Lead Radio
• Book available for purchase through Amazon and the Connected Women of Influence website

Your Investment: $3,000 upfront or three monthly payments of $1,100

Have you always dreamed of writing a book?

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