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Did you know that nearly half of the women in the United States skipped a preventative healthcare service like an annual well visit, routine vaccination, or recommended test or treatment in the past 12 months? Join us on Women Lead Radio as Marilou Ryder, your host of Ageless Ambition, has a conversation with Anne Fraser, Retired RN, Professor of Nurse Science, where they will explore healthy tips and tactics to elevate your confidence, vitality, and resilience, empowering you to flourish through every phase of life.

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Anne Fraser graduated in 1973 from Women’s College Hospital Toronto. She was employed at Grand River hospital from 1974-81 in  Cardiology, labour and delivery, and Recovery. She was employed by Conestoga College Nurse educator program from 1981-2002, Med / surg/ obstetrics. Anne completed her Masters in Health Science Management 2002, Waga Waga, Australia ( Canadian cohort program). She was employed 2003- 2017 R B Fraser MD family practice RN. From 1982 -1992, Anne’s entrepreneurial experience was in Baby furniture stores.

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Dr. Marilou Ryder is your Host of Ageless Ambition, a show that celebrates women who defy age stereotypes and pursue their ambitions, regardless of age. She’ll be talking with remarkable senior women who break barriers, challenge assumptions, and live their best lives. The show will explore the unique challenges and opportunities facing women as they age. Guests will share stories of grit, resilience, and determination. Dr. Ryder is a university professor in the Doctoral Program for UMass Global and author of the SISTER TO SISTER book series for women and girls. She is devoted to helping women build an ageless future and unleash their ambitions, one conversation at a time.

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