About the CWI Ambassador Teams!

Interested in getting engaged with a CWI Ambassador Team? Awesome!

Here’s a few details of our Ambassador Teams as we’re looking for a few “great” members to get engaged with other members and up-level the experience and results you can have in CWI!

If one of our ambassador teams interest you, please complete the interest form below for the ambassador teams you’re intrigued with and we’ll reach out to share more about the different teams and where you can offer your talents and expertise which in turn will benefit YOU in exposure and opportunity!

Hospitality Ambassadors are CWI members who want to meet more CWI members and invited guests. Hospitality Ambassadors are a team that welcome guests and members to CWI events, help with check-in and registration. In addition, CWI Hospitality Ambassadors get the opportunity to reach out and thank VIP Guests that attend CWI events. It’s a fabulous way to get to know a variety of CWI members, as well as act as the grand host in welcoming guests who are visiting CWI for the first time.

Social Share Ambassadors are great if you’re a member who’s active on social media and wants to engage with other members who are active on social media to expand the CWI association influence on a variety of social media networks. We’re looking for a few great members to share member blogs, podcasts and other content by members. We’re also looking for Social Share Ambassadors to share CWI content from our Women Lead Radio shows/podcasts, Women Lead TV shows, SUE Talks videos, Women Lead Webinars, events, and so much more! The goal of this ambassador team is help elevate members to influencers, along with elevating the exposure and influence of CWI! We’ve only scratched the surface of where this ambassador team can go!

New Member Ambassadors are members that want to literally be the “welcoming” arm to CWI!  This ambassador team’s focus will be to reach out to new members, invite them to a one-to-one coffee or lunch, get to know the member and work back with our Member Matching Ambassador team to connect members with other members. If you really want to get to know other members, this would be the ambassador team for you!

Member Matching Ambassadors work in tandem with our New Member Ambassadors as our goal is to connect members with each other that might be good power partners or supporters of one another. If you have an interest in connecting members to other members, this ambassador team could be for you!

Program Ambassadors will be involved with brainstorming programs and topics and themes for the CWI luncheons and breakfast meetings. From table conversation topics to panel topics and interviews, members on this ambassador team have an opportunity to brainstorm and create cutting-edge topics that our members and invited guests will love to debate about and learn about!

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