Be A Smart Client by Ellen L. Hughes book coverJoin us today for Women Lead Radio as Debra Simpson, your host of Speaking With Influence, interviews Ellen Hughes, Founder at The McKee Company. Ellen is the author of “Be A Smart Client – Guide To A Successful Relationship With Your Attorney.”

Ellen shares advice on how to communicate with a lawyer. She wrote the book based on a personal experience and she is on a mission to help you understand communication is the key. She wants you to realize that you need knowledge about billing and paper work before starting your discussion with a lawyer in order to arrive at a better outcome!

Ellen Hughes started The McKee Company to publish DIY (Do It Yourself) manuals for people interested in subjects, which lack readily available, inclusive instructions. Drawing on her vast experience in business/law and alternative health, she creates products that range from business to health fields. You can check out her DIY books here.

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Debra Simpsonheadshot of Debra Simpson owner of Web With Deb is your host of Speaking With Influence, a show designed to showcase successful women who use speaking to amplify their message, and build their influence to bring more business through the doors. Debra Simpson is currently with Speakers Guild USA. Debra Simpson is a Distinguished Toastmaster with over 20 years’ experience speaking to small business owners. In her business, she works with authors and speakers on strategies to give their message as large an audience as possible. Tune in and learn how to speak your way to success!

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