Calling All Women’s Organizations!
Partner With Us to “Make History” in Celebration of Women’s History Month!


We’re looking to MAKE HISTORY as we celebrate Women’s History Month in March!

We’re looking for fabulous female organizations from different industries, professions and backgrounds
to partner with Connected Women of Influence for the first annual Women Lead Largest Virtual Mixer!

We are looking to partner with incredible women’s organizations, associations and groups
to bring hundreds of women in business together
for one phenomenal virtual mixer that celebrates women in business and
challenges us as leaders to support the next generation of young girls!

The Mission:
To connect with women from different parts of the United States
and from different professions nationally.

The Benefits:
To make new professional connections
that lead to opportunity and possibilities.

How We’ll Do This:
Fun conversations in break out rooms to meet interesting professionals and
discuss how we can support the next generation of young girls.

How We’ll Make History:
Bragging rights for being a critical part of
the first event that connects women’s organizations
in a virtual platform on a grand scale to make history!


As an Organization Partner – Your Benefits:

  • Announcement and promotion of our strategic partnership with the Largest Virtual Mixer on our social media platforms
  • A brief video interview with you about your organization and your mission for promotion online
  • An article opportunity to write and have published in our Largest Virtual Mixer publication distributed to all attendees nationally
  • A quarter page ad for placement in our Largest Virtual Mixer publication distributed to all attendees nationally
  • Your logo displayed on our Organization Partner page and showcased at the Largest Virtual Mixer

Your Commitment As an Organization Partner:

  • Share the Largest Virtual Mixer with your membership, clients, and colleagues!
  • Share and announce that you are an organization partner to the Largest Virtual Mixer, both online and at any of your meetings and events
  • Create excitement within your community and post online and through your social media networks to attend the Largest Virtual Mixer so we can make history TOGETHER!

If you’re “IN” and committed to make history and celebrate Women’s History Month with us, please send us the following:

  • email your organization logo (png or jpg file preferred),
  • email your point of contact for communication to [email protected]
  • email a brief overview of your organization and what your mission is (so we can promote your organization online as an organization partner)
  • email the link to your website (for promotion to recognize you as an organization partner)


We’re excited to have you on board to make history TOGETHER!

Let’s DO This!

Here’s our Registration Page Link to the Largest Virtual Mixer for Reference:

Women Lead | Largest Virtual Mixer!

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