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After flying 35 different aircraft as a Naval Aviator, how does one turn to inspiring the next generation of leaders as an educator and author? Join us on Women Lead Radio as Knight Campbell, your host of Leading on the Edge, has a conversation with CAPT Barbara Bell Ed.D., Vanderbilt Leadership Professor and author of Flight Lessons: Navigating Through Life’s Turbulence and Learning to Fly High, on how to develop the gritty mindset required to push through barriers and take flight in any situation. CAPT Bell was one of the first women to graduate from the US Naval Academy and helped spearhead the movement to allow women to fly combat missions in the US military. Her bottom line? “When you don’t fit in, choose to stand out.”

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Captain Barbara Bell, U.S. Navy (ret) is an inspiring speaker, author and leader who empowers women, men, and teens, encouraging and teaching them to fly high in their personal and professional lives. Growing up in small-town Michigan, Barbara Bell, Ed.D., Capt. U.S. Navy (ret), had her head in the clouds. “As a kid, lying on the grass, seeing planes go by, I wasn’t thinking about being a pilot, because there was no context for that for women in the 1960s,” she remembers. “When I dreamed of flying, I was always the airplane.” An accomplished student and athlete, she received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy at a time when only six percent of the student body was female. (“While the law said we could be there, most of our experience said we could not,” Bell explains.) After becoming one of Annapolis’ first woman graduates, she continued on to a distinguished career as an aviator and Naval Flight Test Officer, during which she flew more than 1,600 hours in 35 different types of U.S. and Allied aircraft.

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Knight Campbell, your host of The Leading Edge: Women Pushing Boundaries in Life, Adventure and Leadership. In Knight’s show, he and his guests explore how women thrive in traditionally male dominated areas, support each other, and bring values to organizations despite implicit sexism.  Knight is a Guide, a Coach & the Founder and CEO of Cairn Leadership Strategies LLC. Cairn Leadership Strategies is a leadership development and consulting company centered around women advancement and encouragement through rock climbing retreats.

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