Build a billion-dollar company!

Build a billion-dollar company!I wish that I could find a ………………

Have you ever said the above phrase? Usually, we just go on with our lives. Then one day you see that product you wished you could find and find yourself saying I wish I had thought of that!

Female entrepreneurs are creating and marketing products for other women in record numbers.

We love this story about Sarah Kauss, the founder of S’well water bottles!
So if you have that idea in your head, start the process. Maybe, someday you will be the one saying:

“We’ll be a billion-dollar company,” she says. “It’s easy. I know what to do now. We have the people and the processes in place, and the market is just there.” The alternative? “We could just be a $50 million company,” she says, “but that seems kind of boring.”

Read the full story written by Kimberly Weisul, editor-at-large at Inc.

Author: Michelle Bergquist

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