At our recent Virtual Breakfast Forum, attendees shared their opinions on current trends driving growth & success. The most talked about categories were being self aware, technology and being ready to adapt.

TREND #1 – Being self aware. 

One of our attendees shared, success starts inside of you, take time to make sure that all of the work you do, is done with intention. If you are not m

entally on top of your game, you can’t expect to reap the benefit of the results. A member shared that companies are realizing strong mental health is important to success, and that Nike corporate recently gave all of their employees a week off for a mental health break. (Got me thinking that I need me one of those!)

TREND #2- Using technology to your advantage 

Social media, contactless payment, and zoom meetings have become many of our new normals. Understanding that technology is our friend during this time can lead your business to discovering new possibilities. 

TREND #3- Be ready to adapt 

Being ready to adapt to changes has been essential in the past, and even more essential now. It was discussed that we all hate change- but learning to embrace the change (cuz it’s gonna keep comin’!) is going to be the next step to success. 


About Your Columnist

Michelle Bergquist is the Co-Founder and CEO of Connected Women of Influence, as well as a featured columnist for Women Lead, the official blog of Connected Women of Influence. Michelle is a passionate advocate for advancing women in business and believes more women can and should lead the way in business, industry and enterprise. Connected Women of Influence (CWI) is a national, invitation only association where women owners, executives and professionals connect, collaborate and cultivate a vast network of high-level affiliations, resources and professional relationships.


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