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Members, VIP guests, and non-members may be invited to one in-person or online meeting organized by Connected Women of Influence (CWI) or, by its approved partners and sponsors. CWI events are created and designed to provide a variety of insights and opportunities for professional women, and include but are not limited to: relationship building, career advancement, business building strategies, information/knowledge on building a business, business resources, career ideas, leadership strategies and business experiences. Guests are permitted to attend one complimentary event as a non-member. All guests must qualify and be a professional leading people, teams, projects or companies. Non-members may attend and register for the Women of Influence Awards or SUE Talks events.


Refunds for Event Registrations and Monthly Dues

CWI event registrations and monthly dues are non-refundable. In the event of severe weather, natural disaster(s), Acts of God, sickness/disease/pandemic or circumstances beyond our control, CWI reserves the right to postpone or reschedule any event, or meeting and move the event location, at their sole discretion, without issuing a refund.


Pricing Information

Any fees and pricing displayed on the CWI website are subject to change without notice. CWI reserves the right to increase or modify the price of products and services as needed. If this would be related to services subscribed by existing members, members will be informed in advance.


Recurring Payment Authorization (Credit Card/Debit Card)

By applying as a member and authorizing recurring payments, Member accepts these terms and conditions authorizing CWI to charge the payment card account that Member submitted. Member agrees that the payment card submitted by Member for recurring monthly dues is, and will continue to be, an account that Member owns, and that Member will maintain sufficient funds under Member’s payment card limit to pay Member’s monthly dues. The automatic charge to Member’s payment card will occur on the membership payment due date. Once the payment has been processed, Member will receive an electronic (email) notification that payment has been applied to Member’s card for the sum of Member’s monthly dues.


Past Due Monthly Dues

CWI charges a $35 late payment fee each month for monthly dues payments that are not processed by the end of the month they are due. Member will receive an email that monthly dues have not been able to process successfully. Member will have the current month to either provide a new payment card or allow payment to process successfully on or before the end of the month they are due.


Cancelling Membership

Member may cancel membership with 30 day email notice. Member also agrees to pay in total any remaining balance of Member’s one-time initiation fee or past due monthly dues at the time of cancellation. Member authorizes CWI to charge Member’s payment card for the amount of the remaining balance of Member’s outstanding obligation.


These terms and conditions will constitute Member’s copy of Member’s cancellation, payment, pricing and refund policy. Member should print and retain a copy of this policy for Member’s records.

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