We Are a Highly Selective Society of Professional Women

We are by no means exclusive as an organization of female leaders, but we are incredibly selective, and we strive to build a phenomenal, professional community of women from diverse companies, industries, titles, functions, backgrounds, roles and responsibilities.

CWI is a Great Fit for You If:

You are a woman who leads people, teams, projects or companies.

You are a woman who strives to build partnerships among a trusted, inner circle of professionals.

You are a motivated and ambitious woman owner, executive or professional who seeks camaraderie among other peers and professionals.

You respect other professional women and strive to offer support, advice, resources and opportunities to others.

You have strong conviction and ambition to enhance your career or propel your business forward.

You believe in asking for what you want, and communicate not only what you want, but what you’re looking for from others to get ahead in business.

You know what you want in business and are looking for a vast network of professional women who “get you” and will move mountains to find opportunities that support you professionally.

You serve first and know that when you give a little, the “get” comes back to you tenfold.

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