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Are you trying to reach female professionals, executives or owners? Corporate Sponsors to Connected Women of Influence gain a number of benefits by supporting women in business, including access to business-to-business professionals who are principals, partners, executives, CEO’s, small business owners, solo-practitioners and executive sales professionals.

Our members are decision makers and influencers from a diverse cross-section of small businesses, middle market firms and large corporate agencies and organizations.

As a Sponsor, you’ll gain:

Access & Engagement:
As a sponsor, you will have access to hundreds of professional and executive women, in addition to an outbound communication list of over 10,000 decision makers and purchasers from small companies, middle market firms and large corporations and non-profit agencies. Sponsors also have direct engagement with members and invited women leaders at CWI events and programs.

Visibility & Recognition:
In addition to recognition on our site, sponsors are mentioned and recognized at events and through email and newsletter announcements to local members plus 20,000 women decision makers and leaders. Sponsors receive recognition on Women Leading the Way Radio, a radio show dedicated to showcasing successful women who lead in business. Depending on the sponsor level , sponsors may also have executive-level women from their firm booked as a panel expert for our CEO/Executive Panel Forums or booked as a guest on Women Leading the Way Radio.

For more information and details about Sponsorships in Connected Women of Influence, please contact:
Michelle Bergquist – CEO & Co-Founder

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