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Shine Your Light by Laura Dewey, book coverJoin us today for Women Lead Radio as Bethany Kelly, your host of Amazing Authors and Brilliant Books, interviews Laura Dewey, Personal and Executive Coach at Laura Dewey Coaching. Laura is the author of Shine Your Light…Illuminate Your Love – 12 Steps to Attracting The Relationships Of Your Dreams.

Laura shares her essential tools for life and leadership. It is a powerful combination so join us to learn more about the tools of emotional intelligence, inner wisdom and experiential learning that can help propel your business to greater success!

Laura and Bethany will discuss her book Shine Your Light…Illuminate Your Love. Laura’s book is a personal story that can translate into a process that businesswomen can use to strengthen their relationships. Bethany will delve into the process of writing a book from a deeply personal perspective.

Laura broke glass ceilings by becoming the first female general manager, multi-unit leader, then partner of a leading restaurant company once considered the Nordstrom of casual dinning. Laura created effective training and operations systems, growing the company from six regional restaurants to 145, nationwide.

Laura was named a final nominee in the Author of Influence Award at the 2017 Orange County Women of Influence Awards.

We asked Laura: What are the top three tips, strategies, or pieces of advice you would give to other professional women as they try to make their mark, be a leader and succeed in business?

  1. Have a learning approach to life & work: Our biggest challenges are almost always our greatest source of growth; walk toward challenge and replace the word “failure” with “learning.”

  2. Don’t believe everything you think; consider alternate scenarios and/or look for supporting evidence before deciding something is true. You’ll save yourself a lot of unnecessary work, worry, stress & upset.

  3. Get ahead by raising those up around you, not by pushing them down. Don’t forget to have fun while getting the job done.

  4. ( and from the question above: This may be controversial to say, but when I’m leading, I don’t think of myself as a woman. I think of myself as a leader first; I just happen to be female. I believe this way of thinking has enabled me to not only hold my own, but be a groundbreaker in a formerly male dominated industry (restaurant leadership). I think it also helped take things less personally and see the actions of others more objectively.)

Laura received her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, I left restaurants and went on to found Laura Dewey Coaching, LLC, serving businesses and individuals; specializing in the skills of emotional intelligence. Her book is part personal story, part self-help — including a series of exercises to take readers on a path similar to the one Laura followed. The goal: to help people realize their heartfelt dream isn’t just a dream … it’s a reality.

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