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M E M B E R | P R O F I L E


L E N K A      H O L M A N
Investment Advisors International

Branch Office Supervisor

Type of Business:
Investments – Insurance – Employee Benefits

Length of Time in Current Position:
5 years


Target Market:
Business owners with up to 250 employees (I also handle individual accounts.)


Key Function | Role | Title of
Contact in Companies You
Investment Advisory Representative.


Situations to Look For | Trigger
Events to Notice for Referrals & Introductions:
Statements like “Our investments lost a lot of money.” “My rep doesn’t communicate often.


Did You Know?

What Are You Most Proud Of?
I have a 98% persistency rate with clients


Who’s Been Your Best Business Mentor and Why?
My branch manager, Barry Naiditch. He has always challenged me to understand the why behind what we do. (35 years of experience helps)

Piece of Advice You Wish You Knew Earlier in Business:

True success comes because of relationships and taking care of clients. Everything else can be duplicated.


Share Something Not Well Known About You:
I am fascinated with Disney. The vision it took to create this business empire was amazing. (It also brings out the kid in me.)

What’s a “Lesson Learned” That You’ve Experienced in Business That You Would Share as Advice to Other Professional and Executive Women?

Choose your mentors carefully, but once you have a good mentor, trust them.


What Other Groups, Associations and Organizations Do You Belong to Besides CWI?
Bonita Business & Professional Association, Kingdom Advisors, Crown Ministries, Girl Scouts


Biggest obstacle you’ve overcome:
Not having a good mentor early.



Truth and Share

Woman Most Interested in Meeting – Live or Dead:

Dr. Maya Angelou


Favorite Quote:
“All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

Most Important Life Lesson:

Always believe in yourself.


Three Greatest Passions:
Family, Travel, Disney


Pardubice, Czechoslovakia

Biggest Pet Peeve:
Negative people


One Word That Describes You:


The Value of CWI

Why Did You Initially Join CWI?

Mary said it was a great group of ladies.


What Do You Like Most About CWI?
The genuine interest in advancing each other’s business.

What Opportunities Have You Found By Being Involved in CWI?

Nancy Nell introduced me to the members of the NHRA


What Would You Tell Potential Members As To Why They Should Be Involved With CWI?

While the group likes to have fun, the focus is on growing business.


Author: Michelle Bergquist

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