Access to More Clients Brings More Knowledge

Doing your own advertising or using an in-house marketing person may seem to offer a more individualized approach and company knowledge than hiring an ad agency, but the result may be a limited perspective. Seeing the broader picture can be difficult for an internal staffer, who may miss out on important innovations.

With access to more clients, an agency gains more knowledge and insight about strategy and implementation. It dedicates more resources to the latest techniques in order to provide the best solutions for its clients. This broader knowledge base gives you more nuanced, comprehensive strategies.

More Resources

Some business owners think in-house staffers are more focused on the work. In reality, they often get bogged down with other company responsibilities.

On the other hand, an ad agency is devoted exclusively to advertising. By utilizing the specialized skills and resources of such an agency, your company benefits from a more focused strategy and implementation.

More People Who Really Know Their Stuff

Employees are limited by the amount of work they can handle as well as their level of expertise. Often, companies aren’t focused on marketing best practices and may not support an employee’s efforts for high-quality implementation.

With an agency, you have a team of experts dedicated to all aspects of marketing. They can collaborate to find solutions that work concurrently to improve your ROI, as well as save you 15 percent or more on paid media and outside services.

Access to More Tools and Reporting

An in-house provider likely has limited resources. An agency has a wide variety of tools, as its livelihood depends on using the best and most current methods. Many programs are too costly for in-house marketing, but an agency needs them for all of its clients. The Marketing Deli has subscriptions to powerful software, buying platforms and analysis tools.

Better Understanding of the Marketing Lifecycle

An employee who utilizes vital techniques at the start may be weak on follow-through. An agency has a better understanding of the big picture. It is able to monitor your company’s progress on a broader scale and knows how to tweak your strategy over time.

More Variety Keeps Things Exciting

Because in-house focuses on one company, the tendency is to fall into a routine. As a result, a staffer’s approach may stagnate. An agency keeps things fresh by working with many clients across a spectrum of industries.

An agency learns new approaches to one business by working with others. While different techniques often apply to different types of businesses, sometimes a unique approach to a different field yields exciting and fruitful results.

Better Budgeting

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is the potential to save money by hiring an agency. Some may think they are cutting costs by using an in-house employee, but the price of interviewing, hiring, and providing employee benefits can be much higher than engaging a firm for specific services.


While each company has a specific set of needs when it comes to marketing, generally a company can position itself better by hiring an outside agency. You can also hire an agency to complement in-house staff. For example, when we work with larger companies, they often have one or two in-house marketing specialists (for example, doing public relations or SEO.) No matter what, your company will see better results by having a good agency involved.

About Your Columnist

Shelley Anderson is a featured columnist for Women Taking Charge, the official blog of Connected Women of Influence, where she offers expert guidance on incorporating TV or video advertising into your marketing plan. Shelley Anderson is the Managing/Media Partner of The Marketing Deli; she has been buying television advertising for clients since the 1980’s. Her experience includes national network TV, national, regional and local cable, syndicated TV, local spot market TV all over the U.S., and targeted online video ads.

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