Interesting ideas and thoughts were shared at our recent San Diego Leadership Luncheon on Thursday.  We asked two questions among a room full of b2b women owners, executives and professionals…..

1)  What is your biggest challenge to hiring and managing support staff?
2) What tips or suggestions do you have in hiring and managing support staff?

The conversation and tips on managing support staff wasn’t earth shattering…..but I really liked a couple of suggestions that were pointed out on hiring support staff……and here are two of my favorites:

Hire 90% on attitude and 10% on skill:  there were lots of nods with this tip, as many of us shared that we’ve seen the pedigrees, list of skills and accomplishments on resumes where someone looked great on paper, but didn’t perform well in attitude and behavior.  One of our attendees, Karie Kaufmann, even suggested that she looks at candidate resumes as a last resort, as she has a series of steps to help qualify candidates before she looks at the resume.  She’ll focus on the attitude and personality first, then review the list of accomplishments and skills on the resume as a last item.

Find out what makes people tick:  In the interview process, we’ve all been told to ask open ended questions to get candidates to open up more and share about their backgrounds.  The suggestion from one of our members was to give scenarios of situations and ask candidates how they would handle the situation and if they had ever experienced something similar in the workplace.  You should be able to glean many things from how people handle scenarios, and I really liked this kind of questioning as opposed to some of the old standards…….”tell me about your past position and duties.”  The end result in getting people to share their opinions and behaviors gives you so much more insight into how they will handle work situations at your establishment.

There’s always great dialogue and conversation at our Leadership Luncheons!  If you are a b2b woman who leads…..people, teams, projects or companies……why don’t you join us and experience great conversation and camaraderie among peers in business who ‘get you’…….and who strive to find opportunities that support you professionally?!  For more information on our Leadership Luncheons, check out our event calendar.


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