Women Leading the Way Radio Interview - Connected Women of InfluenceWomen Leading the Way Radio:
Trend Setting Women

Your Show Host:
Barbara Eldridge
Mind Masters

Show Guest:
Karen Dietz
Just Story It!


Having spent the better part of 25 years helping Fortune 500 firms, smaller companies and non-profits with leadership development, organizational change, governance best practices and many other applications of storytelling, Karen saw the need to help turn leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, techies, non-profits and community activists into compelling, memorable storytellers.  

Her background and experience in storytelling is both professional and academic (her PhD. is in folklore) .

To reach more people Karen began curating content online on business storytelling and now is the top curator in the country on this topic.  This garnered her the opportunity to write the latest “Dummy’s” book Business Storytelling for Dummies, just out this month.  Truly a trend setter as Karen strikes out to show people how storytelling can bring HUGE benefits in all situations.



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