Women Leading the Way, Radio Interview Women Leading the Way Radio: Sassy Sales & Business Development!

Show Guest: Bonnie Kapiloff – Biotech Consultant  BRK Consulting

Your Show Host: Deanna Potter – Owner Passionate Profit Plans


Join us today for Women Leading the Way Radio as Deanna Potter, your host of Sassy Sales & Biz Development, interviews Bonnie Kapiloff, Biotech/Pharmaceutical Quality Compliance Consultant for BRK Consulting.

Bonnie will share with us her experience, techniques, and philosophy on how she mastered the world of Quality Compliance as she climbed the corporate ladder and cultivated relationships amongst the day-to-day struggles.  She will reveal her learning’s, her experience with leaders in the organization, and what it takes to “sell” your idea to others around you in order to get your objective achieved when battling the picture that others may have painted of you or your department. 

From Banking to Finance to Real Estate Development – these are examples of hard-core industries for which women have fought there way to the top.  And one may argue that the world of biotech and pharmaceutical development may be amongst the most competitive and cutthroat around.  At the end of the day, what does it take to compete for market share or  “career” share in the corporate world without having to be seen as the wicked witch of the boardroom?  Do image issues really exist? And if so, how do we breakthrough to an even playing field?


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