CWI Member Lynn Fulks Gives Business AdviceLynn Fulks – Upstart Group

What is something you wish you know now in business that you wish you knew earlier in your business or career?  “Don’t be afraid to engage at senior executive levels, both internally and with clients.  As women we’re often trained to collaborate, and not necessarily claim the expert position.  Being an expert doesn’t mean you have to know everything in order to be credible.  Expert status means that you do know what you know, and what you know is a huge benefit to others who may not know, or have a different perspective.  Live it, claim it, and don’t be apologetic about who you are and what you know!”

Share one piece of advice that would benefit another business woman that’s been key to your success.  “Stay current on technology and business trends.  It makes you and your business more relevant in today’s world.  Plus, your competition and customers are keeping up, so don’t let technology pass you by.  This doesn’t mean you have to become a technology expert, just be sure you know enough to use or recommend the tools that will make life easier for your clients.  If you get overwhelmed, leverage your networks for support, training, and if needed hire resources to help you learn and use the technology that is important for your business.”

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