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I am an estate planning attorney and mom. I love to help my clients ensure that their loved ones are taken care of, that their final wishes are carried out, and that their legacy is preserved and passed down.


In my practice, I treat clients and prospective clients with respect and empathy. My job is to ensure families don’t collapse after the disability or passing of a loved one.


My world revolves around my family—my husband and our two daughters—and I know I’m willing to do anything to ensure that they will be taken care of if something were to happen to me. I believe that most parents feel the same way.


My firm’s beginning is rooted in my desire to help parents protect their children. I want to make sure my clients’ plans work when they need it most and I want to preserve my clients’ legacy—beyond their financial wealth—and help them pass along their values and memories to their children.


Whether you are married or single, with a traditional family or blended one, just starting out or looking back on a life well-lived, I will help you create a plan to achieve your goals for your loved ones today and for generations to come.


I attended Chapman University, where I graduated summa cum laude. Following college, I attended Harvard Law School, graduating cum laude in 2001. After law school, I worked for one of the biggest law firms in the world as a litigator.


After the birth of our oldest daughter, I decided to work from home so that I could spend more time with my family. During this time, I began handling some probate and trust litigation, and I was deeply moved and saddened by the turmoil that many families go through after the death of a loved one.


I realized that I would much rather help people avoid these problems ahead of time, instead of fighting over them once it was too late. Therefore, I decided to form my own law firm, where I could be proactive in educating and helping families to make the important decisions today to avoid unnecessary pain, conflict, and expense tomorrow.

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