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Jill Carpenter


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Decision Calculus / MYnd Analytics

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Decision Calculus provides strategic guidance, business intelligence, and marketing process improvement services resulting in revenue, share and profit growth.

CEO Jill Carpenter, has managed the top profit generating mega-brands for two different Fortune 500 sized companies, transformed the marketing paradigm for multiple industries and generated results earning her the highest awards, including a Chairman’s Award from the Quaker Oats Company.

MYnd Analytics builds better evidence for mental health care by providing objective information to prescribers. 96% of consumers previously treated for mental health disorders say they would like a physical measure prior to treatment only 5% received one.

MYnd Analytics marquee product PEER is a registry and reporting platform allowing medical professionals to exchange treatment outcome data. EEG data, a well normed measure of brain function, is referenced to outcome data to provide the PEER report. This bio-tech solution is cloud-based, open data and can be ordered by any prescriber. There are 38,000 outcomes for over 10,000 unique patients in the PEER registry.

MYnd Analytics is proud to be working with the Department of Defense to improve mental health care for service members and their families.

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