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Lynne Brodie helps entrepreneurs & companies invent new products & services that simultaneously serves clients, supports employees AND solves world problems.Discover what multi-million dollar companies know that helps multiply intelligence, dramatically increases productivity, & opens channels of innovation to grow your triple bottom line.The end result of being in your Flow Zone state is a positive focus on people + planet first, in order to generate profit that leads to social impact – business for good.World renowned Strategic Visionary & Business Intuitive, Lynne Brodie unlocks your flow state to full brain access in as little as 60 minutes & without mind altering substances or psychoactive drugs. Lynne combines decades of business acumen, ancient wisdom with proprietary energy techniques, neuroscience, quantum physics, & modern intellect. Her proprietary process activates your personal ‘flow state’ & puts you ‘in the zone’. Tapping into the full brain access allows you to lead from within & increase your triple bottom line by reconnecting with your deepest wisdom. Lynne holds a BA in psychology, is an ICF credentialed coach & has three decades of corporate experience working for Fortune 20 & Global 100 companies. She has worked with thousands of clients worldwide on 6 continents, including industry leaders from companies like Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, SAP America, IBM, Verizon, Re-Max, National Public Radio, Boston University, Cincinnati Symphony, EarthLink, NFL Players Benefits, & countless others. Her global sales exceed $160 million. She has over 20 years of speaking experience & has spoken at the United Nations. All services are customized to meet the needs of you & your team. They are specifically designed for disruptors, change agents, & top leaders in Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 companies & beyond. Choose from Individual Flow, Interconnected Flow for Teams, Intercultural Flow Retreats & Speaking Events. Contact Lynne to explore what’s possible.


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Product invention & innovation for social impact.