I don’t know about you, but I like to be prepared. Nothing bothers me more than taking a trip or visiting a friend and forgetting something I had planned on bringing. I can’t say I am always prepared, but the busier I get, the more time I should spend on prepping.

Many people will tell you to overpack. Be prepared for this, be prepared for that, they advise. But do we really listen? For most people, I think the answer is no, myself included. At times I have thought, If only I had that one item with me right now, things would be easier. Why didn’t I pack that most important item? Back then it didn’t seem so important, but now I feel unprepared – and that doesn’t feel good.

As a business owner and a single mom of five, I am a busy, active woman. Between business planning, shopping, event scheduling and my kids’ activities, I have plenty to keep me on the go. Several years ago I started making lists. A grocery list, a list of things to take when I move my kid off to college, items to take on a road trip, a list for a weekend get-away, a list of places I want to visit, a list of items to keep in my car, etc.

To keep yourself organized, follow this easy plan. Sit down and consider what lists might be good for you. Kids, trips, family, events, jobs and travel all benefit from some advance planning. Sit down and start your list-building process. Store these lists in a place that is most convenient for you, such as on your phone or desktop computer. It’s a good idea to print out some of these lists. You may not always have access to your phone or the internet.

Here are the top five list-making apps, according to LifeHacker:

• Microsoft Outlook
• Remember the Milk (RTM)
• Pen & Paper
• Todoist
• Plan Text

And here are my top five list-making apps and programs (most of these are free):

• Google Docs
• Evernote
• OneNote
• Clear
• Wunderlist

Some lists are even simple to share. I like sharing my grocery list, so when any of us is at the grocery store, we know what we still need to buy. I use Anylist (the paid version) for grocery shopping.

If an app can keep me organized, then it can help you, too.

About Your Columnist

Debbie Wright is a featured contributor for Women Lead, the official blog of Connected Women of Influence, where she covers everything about your “office on wheels.” She is a single mom of five and the owner of MOTEC Auto Care, located in San Diego. She shares her knowledge by educating women and young teens on the basics of car ownership and car care.

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