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The Pandemic has made a huge dent in the nation’s ability and confidence to save for retirement. Millions of Americans struggle to prepare for a future of uncertainty while others have made no plans at all. Join us on Women Lead Radio as John Burroughs, your host of Your Financial Fitness, have a conversation with Kris Miller, Legacy Wealth Strategist with Healthy Money Happy Life, who says, unequivocally, in her #1 Best Selling book, Ready For PREtirement: 3 Secrets for Safe Money and a Fabulous Future, that we can—and should—embrace the money-making and protective strategies of the top 1%.



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#1 Best Selling author, Grammy nominated Singer/songwriter, Over the last 30 years, Kris Miller helped 6k families, and no one on my watch has lost a dime in any market risk. As a Legacy Wealth Strategist, she’s been featured on hundreds of radio programs as well as TV appearances; published in hundreds of magazines and newspapers (print & online); and spoken on stages across the country for top financial organizations like the US Government Financial Officers Association and Citibank. Kris is the author of the #1 Bestseller, “Ready For PREtirement: Plan Retirement Early So Your Money Is There When You Need It.”

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John Burroughs is your host of Financial Fitness a show about real estate and finance that breaks down the walls surrounding the complicated and sometimes overwhelming content. As the senior mortgage consultant with Finance of America Mortgage LLC, John is passionate about guiding others through a seamless and transparent home buying experience. John absolutely loves what he does because he gets to see the real tangible benefits and the joy his clients feel while navigating one of the most important financial decisions of their lifetimes.

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