Times are changing……

My friend and I were meeting at our usual spot – you know – the local coffee shop, which happens to brew the best cup in town! As we sat on the patio, under the green umbrella, we both sighed and took a deep drink of our special brew. I set my cup down on the marble table and it made a slight clink, indicating a refill was needed. Glancing around to catch the eye of our waitress and I couldn’t believe the number of people in the café. My friend said, “Wow, when did this become such a busy spot?”

People in business attire, computers whirring away, hands holding a cell phone with earbuds in and a host of other activities taking place, I thought, “Business has changed!”

Boy has it changed! It seems like overnight and I have to laugh, because some of the people reading this won’t even remember the pains that came with the advancements…. Or things like Floppy Disks, Green Screens, or that a mainframe, which took up a whole room, had a whopping 120 gigs of dick space!! (And a price tag in the millions, that now can fit into your pocket).

It is time to wake up to a new way of doing business! Virtual Computing has arrived – smaller, nimble, collaborative, mobile, and work from anywhere! It is a demand for connectivity and access to information or people.  We are here to serve it up! Welcome to SharePoint WHAT?

What is SharePoint? It is a framework and platform developed by Microsoft that integrates intranet, content management, and document management to create collaborative solutions using a Microsoft Office-like interface. Being closely integrated with the Office Suite, once set up, it allows for non-technical users to use tools they are familiar with, giving them the control over the data and content shared with others.

SharePoint is a platform that supports a wide range of businesses, from the small, solopreneuer to the large, mega corporations and is a fit in any market segment. SharePoint can level the field and allow a small business to look big, while keeping its agility. Times are changing and for the small business mobility, collaboration with partners and clients, and responsiveness will keep you at the head of the pack.


About Your Columnist

Linda Amaro is a featured columnist for Women Taking Charge, the official blog of Connected Women of Influence, where she covers topics, tips and tricks surrounding The Virtual Office and using Microsoft SharePoint to improve collaboration. Linda Amaro, has been in the Information Technology (IT) industry for over 30 years and has risen to the position of CIO in the corporate arena managing multiple departments with over 150 staff members and projects for tier one customers ranging from $2.5 million to $20 million. In 2010, she started Klarinet Solutions, a SharePoint consulting firm that provides SharePoint Design, Site Branding, Workflow Automation, On-Line Forms Development, Document Management, Custom Development and Business Intelligence.

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