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A SUE Rising Talk (Successful, Unstoppable, Empowering) is approximately six minutes in length, based on a written transcript, and fully memorized. Talks will be given to peers and community members, via a live broadcast link/channel.

The talk is focused on an identified theme (e.g. “What I Hope is…”, “Feel Visible”, etc.). Participants will be provided a coach who will guide them through the process of writing a transcript and memorizing their talk. The SUE Rising Talker will also participate in rehearsals to ensure they are “stage ready” for the event. All coaching sessions and rehearsals are conducted via a virtual platform. Participants must have access to the necessary technology (e.g. wifi, computer, smartphone, etc.) to participate in the program.

All sessions (both coaching and rehearsals) are mandatory to ensure the highest level of support and success. Participants will be competing for an academic scholarship based on presentation, organization, effectiveness, and personal qualities.

Once you complete the form, you will meet and greet the Board of SUE Rising for an informal interview, via Zoom.

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