SUE Rising Programs and Initiatives

Confidence Building |Communication Skills | Presentation Skills | Masterclass Series

SUE Rising provides opportunities for young girls between the ages of 13 to 18 an opportunity to build confidence through master classes, education and workshops that allow young women to find their voice and to communicate and influence change in preparation for their college and career aspirations.


Life | College | Career | Entrepreneurship | Financial Literacy | Leadership | Masterclass Series

From financial literacy, college preparation, mock investing, balancing a checkbook or negotiating and speaking up for what you believe in to persuade and influence, master classes and workshops are offered to provide tangible and practical skills that prepare young girls for their life and careers in the future. Guest speakers and presenters offer their knowledge and advice, along with panels on a variety of life, college, career, leadership and business skills.


SUE Rising Talk | Fund Her Future Scholarships

SUE Rising collaborates with SUE Talks for their Southern California live dinner events and selects two young girls to the stage where they have been coached and supported in preparing and delivering an inspirational “talk” that motivates, inspires and persuades via live performance on stage. Girls selected will be awarded an academic scholarship.


Mentoring Program

Girls have the opportunity to be matched with other successful business leaders for careers or professions they are excited to learn more about, as well as gaining significant insight from current business leaders and by leaders in professions they don’t even know exist. Our goal is to match these young girls and young women to professions and business leaders they would never have access to for the period of a few months or up to a year.


NextGen Radio and Podcast

As a twist from other podcasts, our NextGen Radio and Podcast shows focus on providing young girls an opportunity to be radio show and podcast hosts and interview successful leaders from different professions and industries. This allows young girls the opportunity to improve communication and interview skills while interviewing successful business leaders.


NextGen Advisory Board

SUE Rising provides our young SUE Risers an opportunity to build leadership and decision making skills by participating as a teen advisory board member for SUE Rising. This allows young girls and young women to build their communication and leadership skills, along with the opportunity to create a lasting legacy for other young girls and women. NextGen Advisory Board members learn how to run meetings, make decisions, present new ideas, fundraise, how to seek agreement from others and build relationships that create influence as a young peer advisory board. Recommendations and ideas from the NextGen Advisory Board lead to new programs and initiatives that are recommended to the board of SUE Rising for the future.


SUE Rising Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program

Past SUE Risers are offered the opportunity to peer mentor and coach future SUE Risers. Young girls and young women will learn tangible skills in leading and managing for results, along with providing excellent advice to future SUE Risers on what it takes to develop, write, speak and present their “talk” to a live audience.

I Want to Be Limitless | Juleen Erives | SUE Rising

My Full Circle Moment | Angelica Cortez | SUE Rising

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