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mary barnett

Mary Barnett

Mary Barnett, known as “MobileMary” in the industry, is a Text Marketing Expert and a Mobile/Social Conversationalist and loves sharing her passion, innovative strategies and expertise on LIVE weekly video training on her Facebook page (TheMobileMary) #TextingTuesdays at 3 pm, as well as a Keynote Speaker on stages in-person and virtual for companies, industry associations, and business groups. She loves being a guest on podcasts as she offers action-packed value for listeners, and they always smile as they hear her “contagious enthusiasm” during broadcasts!

Your best customers want what you offer, but life is busy and distractions are everywhere. “MobileMary” helps you Instantly connect with them on their most personal device (their cell phone) with text messages that THEY WANT and they will THANK YOU for it! Another Brilliant Idea, Inc.’s software helps grow restaurants’ databases with happy and hungry customers and drives them back to increase orders that increase profits that will help them survive times like these with increased take-out and drive-thru orders.

Her company helps simplify marketing with tools, training, and teams, that help turn Connections into Conversations into Conversions! They give simple solutions that end the frustration and gets more results! “MobileMary” works with the U.S. Marines, Air Force, Restaurants and small business owners giving them Education, Encouragement, and Confidence to Show up and Be Seen as the Expert they are!

In her courses, “MobileMary” shares how to build a list without data entry, how to turn conversations into conversions, and how to simplify and amplify your marketing efforts with push-button easy and Brilliant ideas!

Many of her clients are established businesses, but they just don’t understand the full impact that Mobile and Social Marketing can have on their bottom-line. They might be frustrated with the ongoing changes online, but she breaks it down in simple terms, and either teaches them how to do it themselves (DIY) or she does it WITH them as a Trainer/Consultant or her company does it FOR them with her team that helps in all forms of Marketing from Social Media, Text, Email, Chatbots, Funnels, Websites, Apps and more.

She helps her clients be as Awesome online as they have been offline for years!

“MobileMary” is the immediate past-President of the American Marketing Association and also the owner of a certified woman-owned small business called Another Brilliant Idea, Inc., which has been a boutique marketing firm since 1988, with expertise in various online and offline marketing channels that have created brilliant results for their online, restaurant, retail, corporate, city and military clientele.

barbara berg

Barbara Berg

Barbara Berg, is truly committed to bringing dignity, kindness, and concern to people and has found social work to be the perfect profession. She earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Social Work, respectively and interned in the NICU at the White Memorial Medical Center in East Los Angeles and at the West End Family Counseling Center in San Bernardio.

Later, Ms. Berg steadily developed expertise in communication, stress management, and relationships both at home and on the job. Her subsequent positions such as speaker on corporate childcare; course creator and lecturer on corporate childcare programs and promotion; and team coordinator on child abuse reporting solidified her reputation as an authority in the field.

Today, Ms. Berg continues to make strides as a speaker, award-winning author, and licensed clinical social worker. As part of her practice. she has conducted more than 1,000 onsite critical incident stress debriefings (CISDs), providing support for a multitude of emotional traumas that plague youth, professionals, veterans, and first responders. Ms. Berg has also supported other practitioners who desire to work in this critical field or who want to add this specialty to their existing practice.

Ms. Berg has served as a lecturer, presenter, and consultant for more than 500 workshops since 1982. She has also been a guest on more than 500 national and international radio, television, podcasts, magazines, and internet shows. She eventually was the speaker of her own radio show on and wrote her best-selling books, “Ring Shui – Move Your Rings, Change Your Life,” “What to Do When Life is Driving You Crazy!” and “How to Escape the No-Win Trap.” 

In her private practice, Ms. Berg specializes in helping her clients live their lives more authentically. She also provides help for those in transition in their careers and life. 

As a testament to her hard work and dedication, Ms. Berg has received numerous accolades over the years. Most notably, she was honored with the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from President Obama for her lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer services in 2015.

deena brown

Dr. Deena Brown

Dr. Deena Brown, is a peak performance strategist, author, and speaker helping entrepreneurs, and enterprises maximize their effectiveness by navigating mindset, marketing, and monetization perils from ideation to implementation.

Dr. Brown has been working in Organizational Development, Executive Coaching, Organizational Change & Transformation, and Leadership Development for over 20 years. As a certified human behavioral analysis consultant, she teaches leaders to engage, motivate and develop their people successfully.

Dr. Brown’s vision and vast diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging strategy for enhancing organizational culture help enterprises harness human capital’s power to embrace diversity and inclusion as an integral aspect of innovation and advancement.

Dr. Brown leads people to discover, maximize and lead with their strengths. Dr. Brown knows first-hand how strengths and leadership are keys to business effectiveness and growth. Her skills were honed over two decades as an educator and school administrator with the Department of Defense. Dr. Brown worked throughout the world in that senior leadership capacity to create and develop leaders and seed and nurture high-performance teams. Dr. Brown has added value to others by speaking on her powerful leadership transformation message.

Dr. Brown served 16 years overseas with the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) as an elementary and secondary school principal, educator, and school improvement coordinator. In 2012, Dr. Brown was recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School Principal for Academic Excellence. In addition to completing the competitive DoDEA Center for School Leadership, Dr. Brown graduated from San Diego State University with a B.A. in Economics; was awarded an M.A. in Education from Old Dominion University; and earned her Ph.D. from the University of Southern Mississippi.

sharleen lawrence

Sharleen Lawrence

Sharleen Lawrence, earned her Master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine in 2014. Her path to helping people achieve wellness began in 2005 while practicing the Japanese art of Seifukujutsu massage. During her massage training, she learned about Asian Medicine and Acupuncture, and it resonated so powerfully, she knew she had found her calling. Sharleen also has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Accounting and Information Systems. After a short career in both financial analysis and database programming within the Nevada gaming industry, Sharleen attended the prestigious Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA where she graduated magna cum laude. Sharleen has a broad range of clinical experience, which includes treating addiction, supporting mental health, digestive disorders, thyroid health, autoimmune conditions, and fertility.

Sharleen had the rewarding opportunity of being mentored by the respected Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald, DAOM, DHM, LAc, CCN. During her tenure with Dr. Fitzgerald, Sharleen learned and fell in love with the use of functional medicine for treating patients in the modern world. Functional medicine is a holistic approach to treating the underlying cause of disease by using lab data, dietary changes and supplements to correct the negative influence of genetics, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Sharleen continues her extensive, post-graduate training in Functional Medicine and uses the highest quality supplements that can only be distributed by qualified practitioners.

After being inspired by watching the documentary Heal, she completed a 500-hour training program in hypnotherapy. She finds that combining acupuncture with hypnotherapy in her HypnoPuncture treatments allows the patient to achieve healing on all three levels of mind, body, and soul. The effectiveness of her HypnoPuncture treatments motivated her to develop the HypnoPuncture Method and in early 2021, Sharleen started teaching her method to other licensed acupuncturists around the world.

In her spare time, Sharleen enjoys focusing on fitness and tapping into nature: hiking and camping. Sharleen has been a long-distance runner since 2008 and enjoys pushing the limits of her body with yoga and pilates. Her other passions include reading and spending as much time as she can with animals.

joan stanford

Joan Stanford

Joan Stanford, transforms the way business owners and entrepreneurs think about using words to market their businesses. As the founder of Jazzy Pen Communications, a marketing communications firm specializing in content marketing, she works with busy entrepreneurs to build their brands and craft content that attracts their ideal customers.

With a journalism background and an inquisitive mind, Joan’s a master at getting to the heart of a company’s message and weaving that message into compelling copy that gets results. The award-winning business owner has more than 20 years of professional writing, editing and marketing experience in a diverse array of industries including manufacturing, software technology, and market research, to name a few.

A highly sought-after speaker, Joan has spoken for several business groups and conferences such as the SBA in Los Angeles, Inland Empire Women’s Business Center, and the National Latina Women’s Business Association. Her dynamic presentations and workshops are full of energy and participants walk away with a new zeal for the written word and for marketing.

sharron stroud

Dr. Sharron Stroud

Dr. Sharron Stroud is a woman dedicated to serving the planet. The slogan “Think Globally and Act Locally” would describe what she has been about for the past 46 years. She is an author, professional speaker, and a spiritual leader. She has served the New Thought movement for 46 years as a spiritual leader.

Dr. Stroud serves as the Spiritual Leader of Innerfaith Spiritual Center Worldwide in Palm Springs, CA. since 2001.

She also serves as the Dean of the Institute of Successful Living.

Dr. Stroud is the President Elect of The International Foundation for World Peace and Research, in which she travels all over the world lecturing at Universities and Institutions of Learning. Most recently at the Cultural Arts Festival in India in January, The International Congress on Art, Science, Communication and Technology in Edinburgh, Scotland, Madonna University in Nigeria, Africa, the University of Istanbul Medical Center in Turkey, The University of Zagreb in Croatia, The University of African and Oriental Studies in London, England, Essen, Germany, Queen’s College in Cambridge England and Oslo, Norway where she served on the Nobel Peace Prize Nominating Commission.

joseph molina

Joseph Molina

Joseph Molina, has over 12 years’ experience as a business and Leadership advisor with extensive experience in business concepts, start-up process, strategies, supervisory concepts and new leadership strategies. Joe is the Co-Founder of Alliance Funding Group, a Micro-enterprise that supports micro businesses who need initial funding to start their business. He Founded MetroCollegeOnline in 2005, a Private Training platform that provides Entrepreneurship and Employee Leadership training to organizations.

He has been a faculty member since 1998 for Park University and other Universities as well as a College professor at Community Colleges. Teaching courses on; Management, Veterans in Agriculture at Cal Poly Pomona and Entrepreneurship at MiraCosta College and other community colleges. Joe has a BA Degree with emphasis in Vocational Education with Psychology focus degree received while in Active Duty Master’s degree in Management with HR focus from National University.

Introducing Our SUE Risers!

Liane Barkhordar

Liane Barkhordar

Liane Barkhordar is a current senior at University City High School. She will be graduating this
June with a 4.58 GPA. At University City High School, Liane plays on the varsity lacrosse team
and is president of the homeless outreach club. In her free time she enjoys making earrings,
watching the sunset, and spending time with her family and friends. Liane will be continuing her
education at UCSD next year where she will be studying political science on a pre-law track.
She also aspires to do a minor in business.

Alison Kokorowski

Alison Kokorowski

Alison Kokorowski is a sophomore at Mira Costa High School who enjoys playing water polo and singing with her friends. She loves to spend time at the beach and on a rainy day you can catch her curled up with a good book. Her first job was pre-COVID over the summer when she worked as an assistant camp counselor at her aerial arts studio. There she supervised and taught younger kids how to do things on the silks and trapeze. Some of Alison’s best leadership qualities include her confidence, self awareness, empathy, communication, responsibility, and honesty. Alison is excited to be a SUE Rising talker because she is so happy for the opportunity to step outside her comfort zone and practice her public speaking skills at a higher level.

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