Testosterone in the House!

Connected Women of Influence CEO/Executive Panel Forum - The Man Panel

Let’s face it, there are a lot of places in the business and professional world that are still a man’s domain. Whether it’s getting funding, getting a promotion, getting a client, or even getting a job, we face challenges just being women. It doesn’t help that we’ve been hearing mixed messages from our own gender over the past four decades about who we need to be to succeed. Connected Women of Influence San Diego is taking on the issue and bringing men in to give us their perspective.  

Everything is on the table for this discussion. Unfair and accurate stereotypes, why men think women aren’t at the board table, what attitudes women are missing to get ahead, and even what women are doing right. All from the man’s perspective.

We have a great group of men who are willing to lay it all out on the table with us. For more information about the Connected Women of Influence CEO/Executive Panel Forum event being held on February 26th see the Events table above.

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Author: Michelle Bergquist

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