Our next Women Owners Summit is fast approaching! In 2016 our Roundtable Session Leaders presented us with tips and strategies on a variety of business topics.

Today we share captivating information on Video Marketing by Melissa Ladaire, the Founder of Gain Crowd Media!

1. Video is a very effective Search Engine Marketing Tool and has a tremendous ability to drive online traffic and hold viewer’s attention.

2. Video captures and holds attention making it a very effective lead conversion tool.

3. We are in the midst of a video revolution. Businesses who include video marketing in their online digital marketing campaigns will have a huge advantage over companies who don’t.

4. Businesses that share their story and company culture through video prominently on their website develop trust and loyal customers quicker and more easily than companies who do not.

5. Using in house talent can save you a lot of money on production and helps your potential customers know, like and trust the real people that work for your company.

6. Video can be used for training purposes of your employees or even your customers on your products and services and can help greatly reduce training costs and even lower your legal and workman’s comp costs.

7. Companies who communicate with their potential and current customers on a regular basis grow faster and retain a very loyal following.

8. The more video production you engage in, the more comfortable and confident you will become with your videos whether it be content you are producing yourself or content you are producing using a professional video production company.

9. Creating videos that help answer questions to common questions that your target market is searching for online, can help you be found by customers who are ready to buy and your videos will help establish you as the go to expert in your niche.

10. Using a professional who can help you create video branding elements that you can use over and over again in your videos such as logo reveals, calls to action, end cards and successful video formats can help your videos be more effective, can save you money and help you look more professional.

Question 1. What is more important when it comes to video content, quantity or quality?
Answer 1. These days, both! People won’t hang around for poor quality video and you need lots of video, uploaded on a regular basis to engage an online audience. But every company should have at least a few basic videos.

a. A My Story Video
b. A product or service video
c. A testimonial video

Question 2. What is B-roll?
Answer 2. B-roll is video footage that supports the dialog of a video. It makes viewing more interesting and enjoyable. For example if a person is talking about a product they make, you could show b-roll of the product being produced.

Question 3. Can I shoot effective b-roll on my iPhone that can be incorporated into a professional video for my company to save cost?
Answer 3. Yes! The camera on your iPhone is great and with a few tips and tricks you can take some great supplemental b-roll that can be very effective for use in some of your professional video content to promote your business.

Question 4. Video production is easy and it shouldn’t cost much right?
Answer 4. This one is more of a myth than a question. Video has become easier and more affordable to produce but quality video production takes skill and the right equipment but can be an extremely affordable and effective means of advertising with the assistance of professionals.

Question 5. Why can’t I just produce my own videos?
Answer 5. The time and effort it takes to put together quality content that you will feel proud of using to represent your business is not worth your time and effort. You are better off leaving it to the professionals and focusing on your business. But, there are some things you can do to help the production go faster, smoother and make it more affordable.

a. Decide on clear goals of production before production begins.
b. People who will appear on camera should be very knowledgeable about the subject matter they are going to speak on and should spend some time preparing their thoughts before hand.
c. Capture b-roll often with a good quality camera, your iPhone is great.
d. Have a good idea of the information your target market is interested in.

Question 6. Is it better to script a video out or just wing it?
Answer 6. Interview style video production can be very effective if the person being interviewed is very knowledgeable on the subject they plan to speak on and if they can speak comfortably on their subject and if it is not critical that the information being delivered is concise. So, an about me video can be interview style, but a how to video that is very technical or a video where you want to be sure that no information is being left out, should be scripted.

Question 7. Why does video production take so long? Why can’t we just whip something out?
Answer 7. Good quality production is a very technical process. It takes time to set up proper lighting and the right type of equipment to get the right shot, capture the right mood and make your video interesting. There is an endless supply of great video content available online and people just don’t hang around watching poor content these days unless they have a really good reason to.

Melissa Ladaire is the Founder of Gain Crowd Media, a video production and online video marketing company. Through Gain Crowd Media, Melissa now shares her passion for entertainment, marketing, small business and entrepreneurship. Using creativity in video marketing, Melissa is able to help her clients rank high on local search engines, improve their online presence and gain a crowd of followers.

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