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How do you stay in your own hula hoop when it comes to loving an addict? Join us on Women Lead Radio as Susan Goodson, your host of Our Stories Matter, has a conversation with Tracy Eleftheriadis, Empowerment Coach of SerendipityTrekker, Ltd. as Susan speaks with this Auntie whose love for her nephew is tested every time she hears he’s gone out again? How do you deal with your own heartache when it’s not your child?

About Your Guest

Tracy Eleftheriadis works to empower female entrepreneurs with powerful habits to boost inner confidence while relaxing their nervous system with scientifically backed tools. She created her company, SerendipityTrekker, Ltd., to help others heal from anxiety and chronic pain.  Tracy offers 90 day transformation packages that include working 1:1 with her, and also a 6 week group program. You dig into your feelings, set goals, and align your program with your human potential. You CAN feel better! She uses EFT Tapping, breathwork, visioning and holds you accountable to reach your goals in a supportive, loving program based on your needs. Tracy uses The Bliss Method framework to guide her clients through the process of leaving their old self and embracing the new version of oneself.

About Your Host

Susan Goodson is the host of Our Stories Matter, a show about the healing that happens, not just for us but for others, when we come out of hiding and share our raw, real, authentic stories.  Susan and her guests will discuss why we should stop hiding behind the shame of our secrets and free ourselves to be the amazing human beings we were born to be.  Susan is an Intuitive Clarity Coach and Published Author, with Riverbank Coaching.  She retired as a Mary Kay Sales Director, after 41 years in leadership, to pursue her passion as an intuitive clarity coach for women. She loves helping women find their courage to speak up, tell their truth, and own who they want to become.

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