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Webster Dictionary defines manifestation as an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea. Join us on Women Lead Radio as Dianne Callahan, your host of The Lighthearted Life, has a conversation with Mindi Lyons(The Mindi Show on Direct.me), Women’s Empowerment Coach, about transforming our lives from the inside out!



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Mindi Lyons is known for her boldness. Her transparency. Her contagious smile, witty humor, and fiery badass confidence. For well over a decade, she has openly shared her journey of how she “rose above the ashes.” Chapters of her story include becoming a single parent of 3 children overnight, foreclosure, selling plasma to buy groceries, overwhelming depression, morbid obesity, loss of her baby boy late in pregnancy, and abandonment of friends and family. But Mindi refused to let her past dictate her future. She knew she was born for greatness, and now her transformation is a testament to her work that now serves thousands of women all over the globe. It’s impossible to accurately describe this woman in a short paragraph. She has volumes of depth that it pays to uncover. She will make you feel deeply. She will help you evolve into your greatness. She will inspire you to soar!

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Dianne Callahan is your host for The Lighthearted Life, a show that explores how people choose to live in joy and purpose during the sunny times and even during the stormiest times. Join us for inspirational conversations with authors and thought leaders on creating a meaningful life by doing good work that matters, investing in relationships, building resilience, stepping out in courage, and having fun in love and work and life! Dianne Callahan is a 3-time cancer survivor, author, high performance coach, philanthropist, and founder of Lighthearted Life.

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