Moving business email from a free service to a paid, hosted solution seems counterintuitive. Free services often lack the features growing businesses need for security, customization, and more.

Keep reading to learn: 

• What free email services lack.

• How your company can benefit from business-class email.

• How Microsoft Exchange Online can improve your business.

Business-class, hosted email provides your organization with the features it needs to be professional and productive—without breaking the budget.

Free services often distract you with problems, keeping you from working on key business initiatives. Any downtime due to account lockouts, viruses, or other reasons can cost you time and money, as communication stops, documents go missing, and productivity grinds to a halt.

You Want More Out of Your Email!

Free email services are built for consumers, not businesses. Companies need advanced email capabilities to enhance their professionalism and increase productivity. Paid email services offer extra features to improve efficiency, including support for custom email addresses. Most professionals spend most of their time working in email. Free services offer little more than barebones messaging, while business-class capabilities can drastically increase productivity. Paid email services offer features: inbox management to control chaos; growing businesses have security needs that free services can’t meet. Business-class email can help protect sensitive information. You can rest easy knowing your data is uncompromised with better protection and enhanced data loss prevention.

You’re Maxing Out Space!

Users often regard emails as a filing cabinet to keep important information and share documents. Finite storage can disrupt operations, cause employees to delete valuable emails, and complicate teamwork challenges. Apart from offering better initial storage limits, business-class emails allow you to increase storage as needed and scale as your business grows.

Big Business Value from Microsoft 365

Businesses benefit from premium email services that can provide better security and superior features. Microsoft 365 provides anywhere access to email across devices—backed by Microsoft’s expertise and worldwide data center network. It’s time to move your email to business-grade with Microsoft 365.


About Your Columnist

Francine Otterson is a featured columnist for Women Lead, the official blog of Connected Women of Influence. Francine is an enterprise and SMB IT veteran with over twenty-five years of experience, and was awarded Microsoft MVP for expertise in Microsoft Office. She is the owner of Service Desk West, Inc, an IT Service Provider focusing on the SMB sector, offering comprehensive business technology solutions and delivering Microsoft 365 Cloud expertise to the community via interactive consultation services.


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