Unified By a Passion for Entrepreneurship!

Color Your Message by Lisa Caprelli book coverJoin us today for Women Lead Radio as Michelle Bergquist, your host of Women Who Lead, interviews Lisa Caprelli, CEO & Founder at Go Glossy Public Relations.  Lisa founded Young Entrepreneurs Worldwide to empower young minds in successful ventures through YEW an educational business platform. Lisa is the author of “Color Your Message – the Art of Digital Marketing and Social Media.”

Lisa’s passion for public relations, media and marketing has led her to build a successful public relations company. Lisa is a firm believer that keeping up with digital technology is imperative to keeping your business noticed! Lisa wants to be a partner in making a difference for future entrepreneurs. She has founded and is building YEW – Young Entrepreneurs Worldwide. YEW’s mission is to educate, empower and guide young minds in the discovery and development of new ideas into successful business ventures.

Unified by a passion for entrepreneurship!
“If successful, their innovations may improve our standard of living. In short, in addition to creating wealth from their entrepreneurial ventures, they also create jobs and the conditions for a prosperous society.”

Lisa is the author of the #1 Best Seller “Color Your Message – The Art of Digital Marketing and Social Media”. The book helps you build on your message and story and take advantage of the many colors of social media.

Lisa was a final nominee for the Woman Breaking Awards at the recent 2017 Orange County Women of Influence Awards!

With a 10-year radio career overlapping 20 years in business consulting, marketing, and branding, Lisa Caprelli strategically uses content and message branding to grow companies. Today she combines traditional and digital media to enhance public relations, marketing, advertising and brand messaging through an outside-the-box approach. She collaborates with like-minded CEO’s, business owners, and entrepreneurs to achieve the success they desire.

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Author: Michelle Bergquist

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