Have you ever thought about how much your business depends on technology? Of course you have, as most people are aware of the negative impact it would have on their business if it was not working. However have you thought about the value it brings to the business? How much time and resources it could actually save if it was utilized, managed and configured with your business needs in mind. That one of the things we do here at Service Desk West and we wanted to pass along some ideas that we have found helpful for all business.

Ways to Save
1) Use Your Time Wisely: Your Value to Your Business is Your Time
Do you think that $30 “Teach yourself to be a geek” self-help book and your late night hours ‘bonding with your computer is saving you money? Is it growing your business? Think again … a call to a technology expert can resolve or create your solution in a fraction of your DIY time.

2) Is Your Computing Environment Safe?
A bad infection such as a virus or malware can often take DIY person hours to fix and sensitive data may be exposed and/or potentially lost. Costing you hours of time to re-create the data or even worse potential loss of business. Can you wait to have it repaired and are you confident it is done correctly?

Do you think that $29 “Security Suite” software you bought solves all of your problems and saves you money? Nope. If it was that easy Microsoft would just buy that company and make it part of Windows.

The fact is antivirus software is nothing more than one piece of the solution and protection you need. Backups, alternate access, web based folders … there is more to it.

3) Searching for Files:
Did you know on average a person waste around $2,000 of time per year. If you spend just 10 minutes a week searching for files in an unorganized computer? That’s 40+ hours a year of wasted time and frustration. Have 1, 2, 10 employees? Add it up!

4) Storing and Accessing Files
Are your desk(s) over-loaded with papers? Is your business filing piles of paper, filling up file cabinet, storing catalogs … or do you feel helpless with all of that paper “back at the office”?

Are you paying to store those boxes of paper? Add it up; file cabinets, file folders, storage boxes monthly storage space, time to find files … $50 a month, $100 a month, $1,500 a year?
Ask Service Desk West how to store your documents electronically to save you money, protect the documents and access them quickly from anywhere.

We’re Small Business, Technology experts with YEARS of experience. We speak your language, not geek. As experts we will NOT cost you money but rather SAVE you Money by knowing what to do and when to do it … so you know you can move on to bigger and better things for your business with confidence.

About Your Columnist

Francine Otterson is a featured columnist for Women Taking Charge, the official blog of Connected Women of Influence, where she covers technology and business solutions. Currently, Francine is the CEO and Chief Technologist of Service Desk West where they specialize in providing the SMB sector with full service IT support and business technology solutions.

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