Windows 10. Yes, the newest operating system is available from Microsoft – and I am sure this new operating system is being received with mixed reviews. Do you need it? Do you want it, even if Microsoft is offering it as a free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8?

The features and functions below make it well worth the upgrade.

Windows 10 now has both a Windows 7-style start menu along with the tiles start screen of Windows 8, giving it the best of both systems.

As a technologist, I appreciate the way Windows 10 addresses the technological needs of the operating system: It starts faster, has better security, and works with the software and hardware you already have. Plus, you can easily see what types of files are taking up storage. I am especially excited about some of the features that not only increase productivity but also are enjoyable to use.

Wouldn’t it be great if, while searching the Web, you could make a note, highlight some text or even draw on it? Well, you can with Edge. This is such a time-saver because you can save and share just like any other document.

A great way to organize your documents and programs is to use the Windows 10 virtual desktops. With multiple desktops you can, for example, put all of your personal files on one desktop screen and your business files on another. I find that having things organized based on a category or group makes me more efficient. After all, the less time we spend looking for something, the more time we have for something else.

I also like Contana, the Windows 10 personal assistant. Contana will save you time – and it is fun to use. You can ask the personal assistant all sorts of things, such as what is on your calendar, what is the weather like or what’s the latest news.
I recommend upgrading to Windows 10 to take advantage of its many new features and functionality. They will increase both your efficiency and your flexibility.

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Francine Otterson is a featured columnist for Women Taking Charge, >, the official blog of Connected Women of Influence, where she covers technology and business solutions. Currently, Francine is the CEO and Chief Technologist of Service Desk West where they specialize in providing the SMB sector with full service IT support and business technology solutions.

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