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Jeanette Chasworth is the host for Design for Joy-Filled Living, a show that explores how to create a home that nurtures and inspires your soul.  She and her guests will be talking about some of the key elements in creating a home life that heals and makes an environment that you can thrive in.  Some of these blocks can be the EMFs (electric and magnetic fields) in your home, the design, the colors, and other entities.  Once you understand how important your environment is, you will be able to make some changes that can change your life.


Jeanette is a Certified Interior Designer, Integrated Healing practitioner, and owner of The Color Whisperer, a full-service Interior Design company.  Jeanette’s passion for home and healing spans 25 years.  She has been published in several magazines and is the author of the best selling book, What’s Color Got To Do With It?

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