It is hard to believe that March and Women’s History Month has come and gone!
What a month we had at Connected Women of Influence!

We honored over 200 women and 13 companies nominated by their peers, colleagues, vendors and family at the San Diego and Orange County Women of Influence Awards!

Our fabulous Emcee for the Orange County Women of Influence Awards, wrote this delightful introduction for the ceremony.

As you take a moment to ponder her remarks, we hope you will remember that every day, as women in business, we honor and support the women owners, corporate movers and shakers, non-profits and support personnel that make up the business communities in San Diego and Orange County! Keep rockin’ it ladies!

What is a woman of influence? This room is full of smart, impressive, influential business women (and a few good men as well!) You are going to learn about many of these women today. A woman of influence can be a mentor, an employer or co-worker, a business leader. It can be someone who has grown a business by leaps and bounds or someone who has held true to their path and shown their accomplishments over time.

But I would venture to say that a woman of influence is more than her accolades in business. It’s not about dollars and cents. It is the individual who inspires us…Someone who guides us through a difficult time professionally or personally…and then celebrates with us as we come out on the other side of the challenge.

It can be the person who performs a simple random act of kindness. In the video, I was particularly moved by the woman who did something as simple as put a jacket around the shoulders of someone who was cold. That was a woman of influence.

I nominated someone for an award today who I didn’t even know during her business career. She is around 20 years my senior and constantly inspires me by who she is on the inside. She is a life-long student…continually learning. At 55, she earned her Master’s degree. She has a zest for life and a terrific bucket list… For her 70th birthday, she traveled to New York City to ice skate at Rockefeller Center. She inspires me to live my life to the fullest and not sweat the small stuff. I always tell her that “when I grow up, I want to be just like her.”

Do you know anyone like that? Someone who inspires you? We are surrounded by these women every day and proud to know them.

I would like to congratulate all the nominees here today that inspire us. To you, the nominees, realize that someone close to you knows you are a woman of influence, and we thank them for sharing your story with us. Thank you all for being the person you are and having such an impact on our lives. Today is the day we honor you!

Donna Watson
Chief Creative Office
Designer Mouse Graphic Design

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