Technology security may not be the most interesting topic to read but it is vital to your business. The suggestions below will be beneficial in securing and protecting your data, computer and network. Yes, it goes beyond the anti-virus protection on your system and the more you can do to keep your technology secure, the better.

1) Use Strong Passwords – it is a front-line defense. A weak password is easy access and a strong one is not. It should be at least eight characters, not include username or real name, or anything obvious and should have numbers and characters.

2) Save Password Option – allowing the password to be saved negates having a password at all as it takes away the need to enter it not only for you but anyone that has access to your computer. Just click No – on saving passwords

3) Lock Your Computer – always lock your computer when you leave. Not doing this is like leaving your car unlocked. Would you do that?

4) Use Password Protection on Screensaver – Plan for those times when away from computer longer than expected by setting up your computer so that it locks itself after a specified amount of time.

5) Don’t Open Questionable E-Mails – If an e-mail just doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t.

6) Sharing Data – Rather than opening up your computer to staff, co-workers or clients use network file shares to share documents and/or create shared folders on a cloud solution such as OneDrive. Remember to restrict access to the file share to only those who need it.

7) System Updates – Make sure you install all the patches and updates for your system. In addition to installing Windows and Office updates might need to install additional security software, such as a firewall or custom software to help you connect from remote locations.

Service Desk West is here to answer questions and to offer our experience implementing the suggestions above to help make sure your company is secure and your data protected.

About Your Columnist

Francine Otterson is a featured columnist for Women Taking Charge, the official blog of Connected Women of Influence, where she covers technology and business solutions. Currently, Francine is the CEO and Chief Technologist of Service Desk West where they specialize in providing the SMB sector with full service IT support and business technology solutions.

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