What is CWI and how is your membership organization different than other women’s groups and associations?

Our membership association was chartered exclusively for business-to-business female professional, executives and owners. Connected Women of Influence (CWI) is a private, invitation only membership organization. CWI members are female business-to-business owners, executives and professionals who are product and service providers or those who work for B2B organizations.

Why should I join CWI?

If you’re a female B2B female professional, executive or owner who’s looking for high level business relationships and like-focused connections with businesswomen who are product and service providers to organizations, CWI may be a great fit for you. You’ll be connected with small business owners, CEO’s, principals, partners, sales executives and solopreneurs from a diverse cross-section of industries who represent small businesses, large organizations and middle market firms. Our members tell us how different the conversations are between B2B professional women. If you’re looking for business women who strive to support other businesswomen and a membership organization dedicated to helping B2B professionals do better business, then CWI is for you!

What is the membership criteria for being a CWI member?

Upon submission of your membership application, the CWI Selection Team looks for a recommendation and nomination from existing, active members. In addition to an active member endorsement, the CWI Selection Team looks for longevity of the potential member in their current position, role or industry. We also review the individual’s active involvement in the community and any leadership roles within other associations and groups. Other areas that are given consideration are recent or past board positions, overall connections within the community and the reputation of the indivdual looking to join CWI.

What do you mean when you say I will be considered for membership after I submit my application?

Once we receive your completed membership application, the CWI Selection Team reviews your application. Upon review, discussion and a vote, you will be notified of your membership status. All new members must be nominated by an active CWI member and voted on by the CWI Selection Team.

What does my membership include?

Your annual membership fee and monthly dues provide attendance to the following: monthly Members Only Luncheons, bi-monthly CEO/Executive Panel Forums, Open Events and New Member Receptions. Executive Level members are placed in new or existing Executive Roundtable Groups. Other associations charge additional fees for you to attend events. Your membership dues and annual fee allow you to attend CWI events at no additional charge.

Who are your members and how many members do you have in CWI?

CWI members represent a variety of B2B industries and work for, or own companies from a diverse cross-section of small businesses, middle market firms and large corporate agencies and organizations. CWI members are principals, partners, CEO’s, small business owners, solo-practitioners and executive sales professionals. We boast a membership in excess of 100 members. CWI is growing as we launched in 2008 and have both a San Diego Group and a North San Diego Group. Plans are to launch in Orange County in 2012.

How many times can I visit your meetings before I decide to join and submit my membership application?

As a CWI invited guest, we’d love to have you join us as our special VIP at our next Open Event or CEO/Executive Panel Forum! We love to role out the “red carpet” and have you come as our invited guest! After you’ve attended one event, if you’re interested in submitting an application, you need to be endorsed, recommended and nominated by one of our active CWI members. If you decide to kick the tires and check things out for a bit, you are more than welcome to attend our CEO/Executive Panel Forums as a nonmember for as long as you like. Only members may attend our monthly Members Only Luncheons and Executive Roundtable Groups. Once you become a member, you may attend these events.

What results have members achieved by being part of CWI?

Based on feedback from our members, most find value and opportunity through CWi in a number of ways. The biggest results members look for through CWI is by the building of trusted relationships that lead to introductions and referrals. Since our members are B2B, introductions are a natural occurrence once trust has developed. CWI members also find opportunity through joint ventures, partnerships, referrals, shared resources and joint marketing. Our members also provide assistance through the expertise of other members supporting each other. The best example of how our members find value in CWI is to ready “What Professional Women Say About CWI…..” as we have tons of testimonials and comments on the specific value CWI brings to individual members.

If I can’t attend all the events, do I still have to pay my monthly member dues?

If you’re unable to attend all CWI events each month, you continue to pay your monthly dues and annual membership fee. We’ve found that the most successful members lock in the CWI dates for events in advance, as we have a full schedule of events each and every month, and this becomes quite a dilemma! You may cancel your membership at any time with written notice, however, our goal is to sustain long term, active members. Your monthly dues and annual membership fee give you access to our monthly meetings and events at no additional charge.

Is my type of business exclusive once I join CWI?

While every member of CWI must be a business-to-business professional woman, we don’t hold exclusive categories in CWI. We do, however, make an attempt to build our membership base with a diverse selection of professionals and experts so as not to have too many of any one type of business or profession. The CWI Selection Team votes in members and reviews our current membership based on growing a membership organization with a well-rounded and diverse cross-section of professions and businesses.

What is the difference between a professional member and an executive member?

The Professional Level Membership includes attendance to our monthly Members Only Luncheons, Open Events and CEO/Executive Panel Forums. The Executive Level Membership includes the same events plus placement in our Executive Roundtable Groups. The Executive Roundtable Groups are monthly peer-to-peer “advice” teams that meet to support each other and provide accountability and support between executive and professional women. For more information on our Executive Roundtable Groups, click over to this section and read how members are placed in new or existing groups.

Once I join, do I get a list or membership directory of all the CWI members?

Once you’re voted in to CWI, members receive a login and password to the members only section of the CWI site. The members only section lists member contact information and allows members to view all CWI members of each group. This membership directory is accessible to active CWI members and sponsors only.

Will my contact information be sold or rented to others?

NEVER. CWI treats member information highly confidential and we will never sell, rent or distribute contact information of our membership to outside 3rd parties.

What happens if I change companies, am I still a CWI member?

As a CWI member, your membership is exclusive to you as the individual, not the organization. If you change positions or move to another company, your membership stays with you, not the company you work for. The only criteria is that you must be in a B2B professional role or profession.

What is CWI’s organizational structure?

CWI is a for-profit membership organization and is a California corporation.

What is CWI’s means of financial support?

CWI is privately funded by its shareholders and sustains itself through revenue of membership dues, event revenue and sponsor support, along with additional types of funding.

How can non-members participate in CWI?

As long as you’re a professional or executive business-to-business woman, you may attend CWI CEO/Executive Panel Forums as a nonmember. All other events are for members only or invited guest events. If you’re interested in becoming a member of CWI and would like to submit an application but don’t have a current member endorsement, you may also be considered for membership after a “vetting” process and interview. Once the interview is complete, your application will be sent to the CWI Selection Team for a vote.

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