Peer-to-Peer Support & Advice

Successful businesswomen often experience a sense of isolation at the top. Who do you talk to about issues and challenges in running a successful business? Who do you confide with about employee issues, management challenges, sales goals and staying competitive to get the job done?

Sharing Issues & Challenges

Imagine a group where you share your issues and challenges to a team of trusted professionals and receive feedback, guidance, resources and support from a collection of experts who not only understand the challenges you’re going through, but a team of professionals that help guide you and support you. An “advice” group made up of peers and colleagues who understand the issues that face a successful executive, professional or CEO serve as your “advice” team for ideas, feedback, support and accountability.

A Trusted Inner Circle Of Peers Who Support You

Who's Got Your Back - Peer Support & Advice in CWI

Hallmark Standards of the Inner Circles of Influence Groups

Good chemistry, great fit and huge trust are the hallmark standards to the Inner Circles of Influence groups within CWI. These groups are built with executives, owners and professionals in non-competing businesses and professions who agree to support each other regularly by giving feedback on business issues, advice on business challenges, accountability for goals and ideas, as well as a “kick in the butt” when needed for accountability and growth as a professional woman.

Placement in The Inner Circles of Influence Groups

The goal of the Inner Circles of Influence Groups are to stimulate success through peer interaction and exchange in a supportive and highly confidential boardroom format. Members are placed in a new or existing group. Current Inner Circle members must all agree for a new member to be placed in an existing group. These groups maintain no more than ten professionals who commit to meet regularly and support each other through professional advice, feedback and guidance in a highly confidential, supported environment. Each Inner Circle member signs a confidentiality statement and commitment agreement to support other members in this peer-to-peer roundtable format.

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