Membership Process

Application and Approval Process:

  • Submit your membership application
  • Must be recommended and/or nominated by an active CWI member
  • If no member recommendation an interview will be conducted for approval
  • Once application is received, you will be notified of approval/denial by the CWI Selection Team

Membership Approval is Based on Factors Relating To:

  • Maintaining a diverse membership base from a vast cross-section of businesses and industries
  • Active member endorsement and recommendation
  • Potential member needs to lead people, projects, teams or a company
  • Longevity in current position and/or industry
  • Connections known within the community
  • Reputation of the individual joining CWI

Membership Benefits

Member Benefits are Custom Tailored to Each Potential Member
Monthly Dues and One Time Initiation Fee Applies – Depending on Member Benefits

Corporate Memberships and Corporate Partnerships & Sponsorships Available
Please Call 800.591.1673 or Click Here to Contact Us

  • Full Page Member Profile in CWI Membership Directory
  • Women Lead Webinars
  • Virtual Cafés
  • Women Lead Radio
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • LinkedIn Group Access
  • Women Lead TV
  • Leadership Luncheons
  • SUE Talks
  • Access to Women Lead Online Forums
  • Opportunity to Invite Guests to CWI Meetings at No Charge to You or Your Guest
  • Attend Events & Meetings in Home Group or any Events in any Market Region
  • Inner Circle Group Placement
  • C3 Sessions
  • Connect 5 Groups
  • Women Lead Speakers
  • Ambassador Team Participation
  • Virtual Happier Hours
  • Virtual Coffee Connections
  • Virtual Lunch Forums
  • Online Access to Entire CWI Membership Directory
  • Leader Forums
  • CEO/Executive Panel Forums
  • Women of Influence Awards
  • Women Lead Conference
  • Women Owners Summit
  • Happier Hours
  • Featured Member Profile on CWI Web Site
  • Access and Opportunity to Lead Ask Me Anything Online Forums
  • Contributor to Women Lead Blog
  • Contributor to Women Lead Publication
  • Option to Swap a Meeting/Event in Same Month for Another Market Region Event
  • Opportunity to Participate in Women Lead Mentoring Initiative

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