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As You Submit Your Webinar Details – Here’s a Bit More Information About How Our Webinars Work
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  • Presenter will provide thought-leadership / content with Powerpoint slides for the first ½ hour of the webinar.
  • 2nd half of the webinar is Q&A. You will present the first half hour and you will answer questions at the half hour mark from attendees.
  • Webinars are only slides, no video of presenters at this time (this might change down the road)
  • Questions will be held until we open up questions from attendees at the ½ hour mark.
  • Presenter will have a webinar moderator assigned to introduce presenter and topic, including moderating and encouraging questions from attendees.
  • Slide deck should be “one key point” per slide ideally as opposed to bulleted lists of words and content
  • Webinar is to be “content rich” in tips, suggestions, ideas and thought-leadership on subject matter.
  • Slide deck will be branded at the beginning and end as a Women Lead Webinar Series, however, all the content and information is your information and content as a thought-leader. We just want consistency of brand with the webinar series.
  • Presenter can offer an “opportunity” to contact presenter or offer something of value to attendees. No up-selling for programs or one-day only offers to purchase, etc. We’re looking for you to provide value and information so attendees will contact you for more information or inquire about your services, etc.
  • CWI will handle all administrative functions and details for webinar.
  • Presenter will need to go through a mock-run of the webinar prior to live webinar at least one week prior to scheduled date.
  • Post-webinar, we will showcase you as a thought-leader and contributor to Women Lead Webinars, along with a link to your web site. We will also have your webinar archived and categorized on our CWI site and on You Tube for visitors to see and view YOU as a thought-leader on your area of expertise!
  • We will be sharing your webinar among our distribution list of women owners and female leaders
  • We will also be sharing your webinar across all the social media platforms in CWI!

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