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How can leaning into a life of freedom, and breathing fresh air into a stuffy industry, lead to a life of exploration and fun? Join us on Women Lead TV as Marcy Browe, your host of Unleashing Your Branding Brilliance, has a honest conversation with Randa Hoffman, Financial Advisor, Investment Manager, and Tax Nerd of Radiant Wealth Planning, about how she uprooted her life in search of a daring way to live outside of the box, while infusing soul and feminine confidence into her thriving business.

About Your Guest

Randa Hoffman MBA, EA is the owner of RADIANT Wealth Planning, LLC, a spiritual financial planner, money manager, and tax nerd. She guides clients to build a life that they dream of but don’t know how to achieve.  Randa is independent and fee-only, meaning she is never paid a commission of any kind and has a legal obligation to provide unbiased and trustworthy financial advice (fiduciary).

About Your Host

Marcy Browe is the host of Unleashing Your Branding Brilliance, a show that explores how women business leaders intentionally use their brand to attract their ideal audience.  Marcy is a branding photographer, who works with entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to attract more right-fit clients, opportunities and influence. As a branding photographer, Marcy uses her background in marketing and advertising to bring her client’s personal brand to life. Marcy runs a green-certified business and is passionate about infusing sustainability into her life and business.

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