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Please read, complete and submit our SUE Talks Presenter Commitment Agreement Form below.


Here’s our frequently asked questions on preparing and giving a SUE Talk:


How many other SUE Talks presenters will there be?

You would be ONE of only six SUE Talks presenters.


How long is a SUE Talk?

Each SUE Talk is 10 minutes.  Brief and bold. That’s our goal.


Here’s how SUE Talks came to be and our “why” and purpose:

Why SUE?!


How much of a time commitment is it to prepare and rehearse to give a SUE Talk?

We ask each presenter to dedicate time via online zoom sessions and to work one-to-one with a SUE Talks coach to pull the very “best” out of you as a presenter. We also ask our presenters to follow our SUE Talks checklist in developing their SUE Talk. We ask each presenter to schedule brief, online video sessions in tandem with their SUE Talks coach to develop, craft and polish their SUE Talk. There will be two “progressive” dress rehearsals with our SUE Talks partners to hear how your SUE Talk is progressing as we get closer to the live event date and green light you to the live stage.


How much time does it take to prepare to be a SUE Talks presenter?

There is a frequency and commitment to preparing a SUE Talk.  We hear frequently from our past SUE Talks presenters what a powerful and enriching experience their time has been in working with their coach and preparing the “talk of their professional lives.”  It takes time to craft, write, develop, memorize, add voice pauses and inflections into your SUE Talk.  Your zoom sessions will be short and frequent, and we have two online Zoom dress rehearsals other than the live event.  It’s the practicing and rehearsing that is the most time intensive.


What other things do you ask me to do as a SUE Talks presenter?

  • We ask you to commit and coordinate a series of video sessions and phone calls with your assigned SUE Talks coach
  • We ask you to work with a SUE Talks Coach over the months and weeks preceding the live event.
  • We ask you to do two virtual rehearsals of your SUE Talk with our partners to “green light” you to the live event
  • We ask you to memorize your SUE Talk and tell a compelling story
  • We ask you to put your SUE Talk in the “I” perspective, not a traditional keynote with slide deck, etc.
  • We ask you to share slices of advice and key lessons learned about business and success


What is a SUE Talk like?

Here’s a link to some of our past SUE Talks presenters as reference. For our presenters, there are no notes, no slide deck, no props.  It’s just YOU on a stage with our SUE sign, so your visual storytelling is the powerful part of the talk!

Cheryl Goodman

Sheri Nasim

Jen Conkey

Lyena Sttelkoff

Billie Kay Boughton


What goes on at the live performance?

The live SUE Talks event is a classy dinner event and live broadcast where we invite the business community to attend, along with companies and organizations that support women’s advancement in business & industry. Each SUE Talks is held at a local hotel.


Do I have to pay money to give a SUE Talk?

No, our presenters do not pay money to prepare and give a SUE Talk.  What we do ask is that you share and promote the event with your community, contacts, associates, supporters, family and friends that you are a SUE Talks presenter and ask them to register to attend and support YOU at the live event and the virtual live broadcast!

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