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As consumers have become more in pursuit of more natural remedies to maintain their health and what ails them, CBD wellness products have become one of the fastest growing industries and plans to be a $20 Billion industry by 2024. Join us on Women Lead Radio, as Cheryl Guidry, your host of Health is Wealth, has a conversation with Colleen Shaw a Oncology Nurse Practitioner and Hemp wellness entrepreneur, with one of the fastest growing Organic USDA Certified companies, Green Compass (nuyu.greencompassglobal.com), explores this amazing Hemp plant and the benefits it can have for both your Physical and Financial Health.



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Colleen Shaw is an Oncology Nurse practitioner with 10 years of experience. I, along with my husband, started a business in the Hemp Wellness industry 3 years ago that has changed the trajectory of our family’s financial future. I quickly became an entrepreneur in doing what I love…helping others both physically and financially with hemp.

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Cheryl Guidry is your host of “Health is Wealth”, a show that delves into all things women’s health as she leads lively yet educational conversations with other health and wellness guests to share the scoop on the latest health care trends, giving you actionable tips that empower you to take an active role in your health. Cheryl is a very passionate woman’s health advocate who believes as entrepreneurs we all can have a thriving business and live fun active lives throughout our lifetime without compromising our health, if we educate ourselves and take intentional actions to make it happen.
Cheryl is a Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner, the founder of Safe Dating over 50, Certified life/Relationship Coach, Best-selling Author, and CBD advocate for Green Compass.

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