What a phenomenal wrap up to Women’s History Month in tandem with amazing women’s organizations for one fun evening in celebration of  women in business! We met women from different industries, professions and backgrounds throughout the U.S. while we brainstormed in small groups how we can and should support the next generation of young girls! In other words, how can we, as professional women, share our experiences, provide guidance, and open doors to enable young girls’ success for the future!

So what happens when hundreds of motivated, opinion-sharing, open-hearted decision makers and leaders get together?! Ideas abound and magic happens, along with making history!!

Here’s a few “gems” that we gathered from our break out rooms in conversation and discussion, along with a BEAUTIFUL graphic that captured all the great ideas from our heart-centered discussions! Enjoy the ideas and here’s hoping you take action and create new, supportive NextGen programs and initiatives!

  • Collaborate with more women’s organizations to provide guidance and serve as role models to young girls.
  • Provide more mentorship and sponsorship one-to-one for young girls and young women.
  • Support the confidence level of young people through education programs in the early school years , to encourage gender equality in career opportunities and future interests.
  • Provide training around improving one’s body image and self-acceptance at an early age.
  • Encourage and support young girls to find their voice and speak to influence and persuade.
  • Teach financial literacy to young girls in middle school and high school.
  • Build self-confidence to young girls about money management, budgeting and investing for their future.
  • Help create young investment groups and clubs for young girls and young women to start investing early.
  • Offer more scholarship opportunities for girls to access women’s organizations and groups.
  • Support young girls to learn collaboration instead of competitiveness.
  • Provide ongoing access to other professional women so young girls can learn from a variety of professions that utilize talent and skills in different ways.
  • Create safe spaces for young girls to speak out about their feelings and learn how to feel comfortable asking for help, advice and support which will allow them to find their way and be true to themselves!
  • Support diversity, equity and inclusion early to encourage this next generation to embrace other cultures and value differences.
  • Help young women learn to be assertive in going after what they want by providing forums and discussion groups to share tools that empower and equip them and eliminate the conceptions and bias they may have been previously exposed to.
  • Teach young girls at an early age, along with young women, “how” to take their seat at the table.

    One of our male attendees stated women need to take their seat at the table instead of waiting to be invited. He shared an experience of being at a networking meeting and as he took his seat one of the women (who was already seated) said, “Of course the man takes the seat at the head of the table.” He replied, “That’s because it was still available even though all of you were here before me.”

While we loved the conversations and discussions, we also shed the spotlight on, and showcased, an incredible nonprofit organization, SUE Rising. We raised money to help “fund her future.” #fundherfuture

Over $1,000 was raised in donations at our Largest Virtual Mixer, and to those who donated and supported SUE Rising, thank you so much! According to Sashi Whitman, CEO and Co-Founder of SUE Rising, “We were so delighted to play such a special part of this history-making mixer in support of Women’s History Month! And now, we’re turning to April as Girls Future Month. We were so appreciative to see the support and generous contributions from so many committed women in business to support our goal in supporting the next generation of young women!”

At Connected Women of Influence our goal is to connect with a diverse group of female leaders, build powerful partnerships and relationships, build an amazing professional community and collaborate with other women in business! According to Michelle Bergquist, CEO & Co-Founder of Connected Women of Influence, “I think we did just that on March 31st! Here’s to more collaboration in the future!”

Thank you to the amazing women’s organizations and partners for our 1st annual event!
Women of Color Filmmakers, WRISE,  WomensRadio, WSSC, GSFE, NAWBO San Diego, and  NAWBO Silicon Valley. Also a huge thanks to Hera Hub, Lionesse, National Women in Roofing, Women in Health AdministrationInnovation Women, and Women in Healthcare.

Watch our leader videos from these fabulous organizations on sharing their ideas on advancing and advocating for young women on our  YouTube Channel.




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