women leading the way radio interview with Jolene McDonoughWomen Leading the Way Radio:
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Your Show Host:
Barbara Eldridge
Mind Masters

Show Guest:
Jolene McDonough
President & Founder
Systems Success


Jolene McDonough has the ability to set up systems and structures that enable growth having grown her own real estate firm, and its’ affiliated companies, from 35 agents/five employees in two offices, to over 350 agents and just under 50 employees in four offices. Income increased from $1.5 million per year, to over $29 million per year. In addition, she operated over 15 additional LLC’s and affiliated companies that supported real estate development, escrow, human resources, and what is today known as “flipping”.  

Since her departure in 2007 from the day to day workings for the real estate firm, Jolene focuses on her strategic initiatives, and works as a “COO for hire” as she continues to work with various entrepreneurs and companies, delivering the type of services and support that allowed for her success in her own company. She continues to be the accomplice behind the scenes, providing unfounded understanding and listening for the Visionary at heart. Her happiest days are when she is actively supporting those visionaries in delivering and implementing their unique ideas and products.


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