A new I-9 Form is available and must be in use by 1/22/2017. Over the years, we’ve seen several versions of the I-9 form. One of the constants has been the rule that you begin using a new I-9 form when it becomes available. However, you do not replace your employees’ older versions just because a new one has been issued.

• Which form — Use the current form available at the time of hire.
• When — You must receive the employee’s identification within the first 3 days of employment or they stop working until they provide the ID.
• Employee’s requirements — Section 1 and proper identification.
• What ID – Page 4 of the form shows what identification is allowed.
• Your requirements — You have 3 days from date of hire to complete your Section 2 of the form, which includes the certification just below the area you enter the employee’s ID.

Great News

The new Federal law requiring all salaried, exempt employees to be paid at least $47,476 on 12/1/2016 has been indefinitely postponed! There was a lot of opposition to this new minimum salary … enough to convince a judge to stop the law from going into effect. California’s minimum remains at $41,600 until our minimum wage increases.

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